Web Design (HTML + CSS) [Tuition Agency]


I chose to build a website with HTML and CSS programming language for an existing company. A official website for my own tuition agency startup, Matchamentor (match a mentor). 

About Matchamentor

A social media based home tuition agency in Singapore. We help to match students with top JC graduates and share free study tips for JC & secondary school students on our instagram accounts. 


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Expressicity [Exhibition Article: Mobile Application(iPad) Experience]


This projects aims to create and design an exhibition report in digital form (iPad user interface). The report bases on Expresstricity, an exhibition website made by another team.

All exhibition photos were taken from Expresstricity site,
Logo, layout and application layout designed by me
Article written by me

Design Outcome:

Portrait layout

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Light Distance Away: Final Presentation[Yr3| InteractiveDev| Final Project]

Project done by: EmmaWei LinNatalieWan Hui

Slides Here


In our current pandemic situation where loved ones cannot easily be with each other physically, our device (and setup) aims to stimulate your loved one’s walking movements in your room. It seeks to highlight distant bodies through the absence of the body. 

How the device works

Walking around the space, one’s footsteps are translated into a path of light in a distant room. In both rooms, a path generated by your loved one begins to form and a pair of shoes follow suit.  Watching the shoes move, the distant movement is transported by light to the room one is currently present in. The presence of another body either haunts or comforts us through its absence represented by the shoes. The physical distance between is shortened to a lighted path as both distant bodies now move together in their respective rooms.

Light Distance Away device (footwear)

Light Distance Away (footwear)


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Light Distance Away: Mid-Fidelity Prototype [Yr3| InteractiveDev| Final Project]

This is our progress for our Semester Project, Light Distance Away.

Concept Sketch
Concept Sketch
Light Distance Away (footwear)
Light Distance Away (footwear)

Our goals for mid-fidelity stage 

    • Prototype 
      • Track light and draw lines and curve on processing
      • Project the line on the floor 
      • Stable LDR tracking system on motors that follows the lines projected
      • Setting up the area with pixy camera, arduino & projected at the ceiling

Following our low fidelity prototype, we needed to research on how our motor could follow the XY coordinates received. After some consideration, we thought about using light as our method of moving the motors of the automated footwear.

Luckily for us, we already had spent time creating a line in processing which had initially only been there for us to ensure our pathway was tracked. Yet, knowing light could be a viable option, we began to borrow top down projectors and then flipped our code’s background and line colour to display a light line that would draw as one walked around under the pixy camera. 

Thus, we began our prototypes and trials, but not before ensuring our pixy cameras were improved.

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Light Distance Away: Low Fidelity Prototype [Yr3| InteractiveDev| Final Project]

Project done by: EmmaWei LinNatalieWan Hui

Our semester project is called Light Distance Away. It aims to send comfort by the hint of another person’s presence despite them being absent through the use of our setup and device. A camera will track User 1’s movements when they are within the display area and a white line will be projected into User 2’s room based on User 1’s movements. User 2 will then be able to see the personless footwear moving based on the projected line in realtime, ironically creating a rather haunting feeling of an absent presence, while comforting the user with the reminder of this presence. The physical distance between is shortened to a lighted path as both distant bodies now move together in their respective rooms.

We started with 2 separate development paths after researching in depth of possible tracking methods: 

    1. Camera to track object 
    2. Motor to follow path

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Sketch – Speculative/Provotype [Yr3| InteractiveDev]


Make a speculative design or a provotype based on one or more devices of the week.

“[Provotype] is a design artefact — digital or physical — whose main goal is to provoke discussion among different types of users and stakeholders. Here’s the fun part: it is not supposed to be realistic, but ridiculous, funny, obscure, artistic — or even downright annoying instead. (wikipedia).”

“[Speculative design] thrives on imagination and aims to open up new perspectives on what are sometimes called wicked problems, to create spaces for discussion and debate about alternative ways of being, and to inspire and encourage people’s imaginations to flow freely. Design speculations can act as a catalyst for collectively redefining our relationship to reality.”

Full Syllabus Here

My Chosen device: DOW Sense- The Vest

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DOW Senses: the VEST [Yr3| InteractiveDev]


David Eagleman, a neuroscientist and creator of the VEST brings out the perception of “Your senses limit your reality”. Take the electromagnetic radiation as an example, there are thousands or millions of radiation presence in our surroundings but human doesn’t have the biological receptors for taking in all those data and our vision only allows us to see certain range of colours.

Screenshot of Eagleman’s TED Talk Slides

Eagleman mentions our sensory tools “our ears, fingertips and our ears are merely plug-and-play device”, just like the potato head. The brain is the core and figures out “what to do with the data that comes in”. There are different kinds of peripheral devices in the animal world, e.g. snakes have heat pits to detect infrared and birds have magnetite to orient to the magnetic field of earth.

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DOW IoT: WOpet Smart Pet Feeder [Yr3| InteractiveDev]

Internet of Things Device: a device that has a sensor attached to it and transmits data to another object or people through the internet.

WOpet Sprite Ⅱ 7L WiFi Smart Feeder


WOpet Smart Pet Feeder is an internet of things device with camera, speaker and food dispenser.

There are 4 main features of this device:

    1. Voice Interaction
    2. APP Control
    3. Healthy Management
    4. 720P HD Camera

It allows pets owners to voice call, monitor their pet at anytime via the WOpet APP. There are inbuilt speaker, 120 degree wide-angle lens and wifi module for live streaming. It has a food dispenser for users to customize feeding time and feeding portion remotely. The overall concept is to let users to stay connect with their pets via mobile application and the device at anytime and anywhere even they are not physically at the same place with their pets.

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DOW Health: Muse. the brain sensing headband [Yr3| InteractiveDev]

About a Revolutionary Product for Meditation

Equipped with 7 EEG sensors (electroencephalography), Muse is a brain sensing headband used in sleep and meditation. It monitors brain electrical activity and transmits the data to the muse mobile or online application in real-time via Bluetooth, which analyses the received data and gives sound guidance during the mantra meditation. This wearable device assists users to mediate in a more productive and efficient way to achieve the aim of reducing stress, staying calm and focused.

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Ghociant [exhibition website design]

Ghociant is an immersive experience curated to force it’s viewers to look beyond what their eyes see, to challenge their sense of sight and utilize their auditory and olfactory senses.

In Ghociant, three young designers, Carol, Emma and Hamimah, have fabricated a nature walkthrough, composing elements of sound and smell from the nature around them. The elements are handpicked by the curators in order to maintain originality.

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