Semester Project Pitch[Yr3| InteractiveDev-SemProject]

Eat my Feelings

A collaborative project by EmmaWei LinNatalieWan Hui


Instead of “Eating one’s own feelings”, the device allows your loved ones/significant other to eat your feelings for you. 

With the current pandemic situation, it is difficult for family, friends and lovers to meet. As absence makes the heart grow fonder, this device helps users be prompted to the emotional state of the other party in a fun unique way, adopting the unconventional way of using taste. 

As one goes about their day, a treat will be dispensed when the connected party sends a message. 


    • A database of words and phrase that represents emotion or feelings
    • A digital diary that user write down their daily thoughts and feelings  

The device detects text input from a diary. If the text input matches with the database, the signal of the output will be sent 

Possible Input method:

1.Leap motion: Hand motions to indicate feelings

    • Sad: Thumbs Down, Happy: Thumbs Up, Love: Heartshape, Middle Finger: Bitter 

2.Facial Recognition: 

    • Crying, Smiling, etc 

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LEDRoom ColorEmo + Rainbow Switcher [Yr3| InteractiveDev-Sketch 2]


Creating an interactive work that involves communication between ZigSim on mobile, Arduino and Processing on desktop. Making gestures with the phone that will be translated to the room lighting. This is an individual work by Emma 🙂
Developing from the previous sketches (link below), I have developed two different set of programs to show ways to change the LED strip color.

1. ColorEmo

      1. Concept:

      2. How do you feel now? Are you feeling happy? Draw a happy smile to brighten up your room in RED light!  Most of the time, people tend to hide their feelings. Instead of showing your sad face, you could draw a sad face(a curved line facing downwards) to represent “I am feeling blue” with blue lighting . To express surprise, you could draw a O to u light up the room in Yellow!


      3. Draw a smile to change to red- happy 😊
      4. Draw a sad face to change to blue- I am feeling blue 🙁
      5. Draw a O to represent surprised – 😮

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LEDRoom Sketch [Yr3| InteractiveDev-Sketch 2]


Make gestures with your phone that will be translated to the room lighting.

The elements of the system:

    • Your mobile phone,
    • Lighting of your room.

1. Attention Seeking Phone

    • A phone that wants your attention and dislike your over-attention at the same time, just like how my cats treat me ;(
    • lighting of the room: from dark to bright (blinking)- from red to yellow to dark (blinking)
How it works:
    •  When you are not around, it would start blinking in white
    • If you touch the screen, it would turn red & yellow (imitating the danger sign) – sending the message of “DONT TOUCH ME”

2. Shake to on the torch light

    • intention: turn on the torch light with ease
    • lighting of the room (from dark to bright)

3. Draw two line left to change colour


Distancing Chairs [Yr3| InteractiveDev-Sketch 1]

Project Brief

  • Make a low-tech device that enables / enforces / suggests / alerts / …about social distancing.
  • Analog – it achieves distancing by construction or by the way it is operated.

Research & Ideation

Previous research/ brainstorming/ ideation : (wearable devices)

Developing something other than the wearable devices

Due to the Covid-19 situation, people are required to maintain a safe social distancing of at least 1 meter. Moving into post-circuit breaker phrase 2, most activities resumed, yet there is group size and capacity limits in place. People are not allowed to eat out at restaurant together(with capacity limits) to prevent saliva spreading.

Yet, in real life, most people will just ignore safety measures. To practice the social distancing in a fun way, I am suggesting the game of “Distancing Chair”. 

The Distancing Chairs Demo video

Distancing Chairs – Play it everywhere/anywhere 


A rope is tied at two chairs which is placed at 2 opposite sides of a table. 

When a person wants to sit on the chair, and pull the chair back, the chair on the other side will be pulled by the rope towards the table. No space will be left for the other person to sit on that chair.

This is to suggest the idea of “One Table One Seat”. No more than 1 person is allowed to sit at a table.  

(inspired by the Musical Chairs Game)

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Freelance work: Website Building (wix)

Website Building & Interface Design/2020

Freelance work for a house cleaning service company.  I built this website from scratch using the Wix software. I was responsible to design all pages by my own, made sure links are workable and arranged according to client’s needs. I was also required to translate all contents from English to Chinese to build this bilingual website and arranged both the mobile and website version of the site.

Digital illustrations [My work]

C a t s

Memorial for our Cats

– A memorial work to cats that passed away in 2019. This year three stray dogs attacked and caused our hall cats died. A few of our old friends left us in this year due to diseases. I drew this to wish them to be happy and peace in the another world.

Cat Lover

– Work for NTU Cat Management Network (T-shirt designs)  by Emma Cheuk

Arduino Interactive Device: Flick to Win [ Yr2 | IM II ]


Collaboration with  Chai Mei ShanEmma CheukHow Yee TengLoh Wan Hui


Flick to Win is an interactive device developed with Arduino software and following hardwares:

– Wood panels
– Acrylic (2mm & 3mm thickness)
– 25x 10mm LEDs
– 25x Toggle Switches
– 3x Servo Motors
– Arduino Mega

IDEA (Assigned Theme: Obsession)

We want to show people’s obsession with winning when there is an incentive to win (in this case, the money). However, our machine is wired in a way such that it isn’t easy to win, so this would spur people to play continuously, to emphasise on the part of “obsession”.

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