Expressicity [Exhibition Article: Mobile Application(iPad) Experience]


This projects aims to create and design an exhibition report in digital form (iPad user interface). The report bases on Expresstricity, an exhibition website made by another team.

All exhibition photos were taken from Expresstricity site,
Logo, layout and application layout designed by me
Article written by me

Design Outcome:

Portrait layout

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Ghociant [exhibition website design]

Ghociant is an immersive experience curated to force it’s viewers to look beyond what their eyes see, to challenge their sense of sight and utilize their auditory and olfactory senses.

In Ghociant, three young designers, Carol, Emma and Hamimah, have fabricated a nature walkthrough, composing elements of sound and smell from the nature around them. The elements are handpicked by the curators in order to maintain originality.

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Infographic Poster [Yr2: VC2 | P1]

Final Outcome:

Concept explained:

To inform people that eating bushmeat(wild animals) is dangerous, with high chances of getting infected to deadly diseases. They should think before they eat.

Given three most popular and dangerous wild animals as examples :

bat, civet and pangolin.

Explaining why are they bad for consumption by providing information of the characteristics of them. For example, what virus are they carrying and what kinds of infection would human who consume these animals possibly get.

After Final Amendment

  • Solving the problem: information flushing to the right

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