EN POINTE [Y1 Foundation: 3D Project2B]

Among the 3 dance pieces given, I chose AMA by Julie Gautier as my study.


Research and ideas

Words expressing the dance:

swing, flowy, outburst, freedom, empowerment, elegant

 pain, strength, power

So, I started researching online:


and I also thought that a blind drawing I did in 2D can fit my ideal style very well:

to express freedom, strength and elegant

Inspired by my blind drawing, I sketched some ideas:


Basically, these sketches look like this sculpture:

It looks a bit odd and plain. Then, I thought of adding texture using origami, a folding paper technique.

And I found my reference artist: Richard Sweeney who uses wet-folding technique to create curved paper sculptures: 

I really like his style of creating sculpture. They look so weightless, simple and elegant.

Possible materials to use: *Mixed media

Wet-folded watercolour paper/ card stock paper/ thin wire/ stick/



Difficulties of manipulating my material

I tried out different kind of paper to experiment with the wet-folding technique:

First using A4 white sheets: too thin

Watercolour paper is too thick(too heavy) for me to create a weightless feel sculpture. I can’t blend the paper without creating crease on it.

Thus, I started to use a lighter paper, the Chinese ink paper. This time, the paper is too thin to hold the structure.

I also thought of composing different kind of folded paper to create my sculpture:

Finally, I used a random sketchbook paper which is not too light, too thin or too thick.

Difficulties of trying to mimic Sweeney’s style:

I tried multiple times to twist the paper to make it curve… but I couldn’t.

Sweeney’s sculptures aren’t easy to resemble. They required high level of wet-folding techniques.


I played with the composition of the paper and created this which I satisfied.

I felt the lower part is too heavy so I tried to use another material (a ribbon) to balance out:

The ribbon is too distracting and I tried another material,

and here’s my

Final result


Metal wire: represents sense of strength and power


Reach satisfaction but still have rooms for improvement

  • I should have experimented more compositions to utilise 3D space
  • But I really like how elegant it looks in the final
  • Failure of mimicking Richard Sweeney’s style of sculptures, I really want to achieve his style… but I can’t figure it out… Maybe when there is more resources or tutorial about wet-folding paper sculpture, I could try again.


Feedback after presentation

  • able to express the idea of flowy and elegant
  • classmates like the composition of the sculpture
  • the sculpture is too 2- dimensional, should utilise the 3-dimensional more

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Photo Series Assignment [Y1 Foundation: 4D]

In this project,  we need to decide on one theme/ rule/ restriction, and take a series of photos which can convey a message/ meaning.


Final Results:

Ageing, Working

Ageing, WorkingPhoto series, 2018, Emma Cheuk Yan Wa


“Ageing, but still working” is a social phenomenon in Singapore. Some elderlies are living in poverty and have to work to earn a living. Questions appeared in my mind: Are their bodies healthy enough to afford every day workload? Are we responsible to help them? Elderly workers are in our society cannot be unseen them.  (55words)


Ideation, Exploration & Execution (Google slides link):



Feedback and Questions from Harry after presentation:

  1. Cannot really see the elderlies who are in black
  2. Why did you take photos of different person?
  3. Why not make the elderlies in black and white and audiences in colour?


Regarding Improvements and Answers:

  1. I re-edit the 2 photos where elderlies are in black:

2. To show elderly as a group

3. Too messy layout


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Class Exercises. Week1-5 [Y1 Foundation: 4D]

Theme: Light and Shadow Series (12/9/2018)


Attacked by a bee while studying (12/9/2018)

Feedback: more messy table, turned chair


Sensation, rigid and mysterious (5/9/2018)


Useless (21/8/2018)

Unplugged cable: sometimes you spend so much time climbing up the stairs, working hard to reach a goal. But the result is like the unplugged cable, not achieving anything. All effort you paid is useless.


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Polyhedron Dreams. Process & Final [Y1 Foundation: 3D Project2A]


I was inspired by the mosquito coil that is in a spiral shape. In order to fit my first model, I changed the base to a triangle instead of a circle.

Experimenting using a sketching paper

I kept drawing triangles inside another till I couldn’t draw anymore. It looks like a maze. Then, I figured out the route to the very end by extending lines and erasing unwanted lines. I was satisfied with it and tried with another material: cardboard (that is stronger, perhaps can spread out nicely when I hold the tip)

1st attempt using cardboard:

  • Oversized, cannot fit into my reference model. I trimmed it so it could fit. After trimming it, there weren’t enough layers to look nice.
  • Adjusting width, size and number of layers of my model by crafting and experimenting(needs to fit into the reference stick model)

Creating the supportive part

  • 1st trial: too unstable, not appealing appearance
  • 2nd trial: supported by combining three triangles, very stable but kind of distracting viewers from my main part:  the triangular spiral. I wanted the ‘spiral’ to be the main object in my 2nd model.
  • Tried to use only one triangle instead. Cut out the inside of triangle so it coherence with my ‘spiral’ part
  • Created the bottom part, letting the whole model to stand itself

My 2nd Model

  • Satisfied,
  • It looks interesting in different angles!!!

Development of my 2nd Model


Development of my 3rd Model

My 3rd model- ideas

  • Wooden thin sticks: Replacing the triangle supportive part which i wasn’t satisfied with. Spreading sticks inside the model, outstretching the model in different ways.
  • Experimenting and exploring how to stretch the model, kept appearance of model appealing 
  • No big enough, with least layers. therefore, i created another structure with cardboard
  • Change of material: Cardboard isn’t hard enough to support. It bended when I wanted to stretch and turned it in different angles. I experimented using foam, foam is a strong and light material however it can’t bend. It broke when I tried to twist it. I also thought of other kinds of paper, such as mounting board, thick paper, foam board… I need a material that is flexible, and can also withstand and support the model -> pvc plastic and metal (wire: hard to make straight lines)
  • Kept it looked nice in different angles…
  • Cutting wooden sticks to fit my structure


My 3rd Model (Final Project)


So here’s my final model. I want it to look neat and unique at the same time. I like how the metal sheet reflects. General speaking, I think I achieve what I want: it looks interesting from all angles and doesn’t look symmetrical and rigid at all. But if I had more budget and more time, I would try to construct my model with another material.


Interesting to see myself developing and changing ideas through the 3 models. Learning through the processes and from others’ comments.

Feedback after presentation:

  • Choose of material: some parts are curved and straightened at the same time -> metal sheet should be used for study
  • Break out a bit more(extend more) instead of sticking to the tetrahedron shape. It still look as a tetrahedron.
  • Good: small details (e.g. rounded angles)
  • Simple but look complicated at the same time


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Polyhedron Dreams. Research [Y1 Foundation: 3D Project2A]


I selected tetrahedron to make my reference model out of sticks.

My first model (reference model)

I was thinking to make something unique, maybe something layering, other than using simple shapes like triangles, circles and rectangles which I originally experimenting on.

I researched on layering sculptures in Pinterest:


Interactive Installation (left image)


Foam board staircase sculpture (right image)



On that night when I was researching, there was a huge mosquito in my parents’ room, kept ‘buzzing’. We battled with it with a mosquito swatter and tried finding something that could drive away it.

The mosquito coil came to my mind:


A Mosquito Coil

I researched on how the mosquito coil can extend and form a cone:



http://isilaltay.com/spiral.html           https://graphicheck.com/Affinity-Designer-Spiral-Assets

That’s the end of my research. I then started exploring ideas by experimenting.

Manipulated Found Object. Submission [Y1 Foundation: 4D]

Final Idea: Contradiction


Long Bean is good for health, with high nutrient value. Many children do not like eating long beans. Parents often force their children to eat them as it benefits growth. When I was small, my parents forced me to eat long beans too. This idea contradicts with adults who smoke. Adults know cigarette is unhealthy but they are still addict to it. This shows how adults are contradicting themselves in their lives.

Manipulated Found Object. Process [Y1 Foundation: 4D]

In this project, we are manipulating a found object in a way it conveys a meaning message.

Reference Artist: Marin Roller


First Idea: Addiction

Cigarette box + Fries, Ashtray + Tomato Sauce 

When I was small, I always pretended I was smoking with the french fries. Fries and cigarette are both addictive ‘unhealthy’ things.

Feedback: Both are ‘unhealthy’ objects so the contract between the two is not big. Try to construct idea with a object which people think is healthy but actually not really. For example, certificate and cigarette box. Certificate is desired by everyone in the society, especially employers. But is certificate so important that an already skilled and qualified person have to spend years to study in a university just to satisfy the requirement set by the society?


Idea Development :

Cigarette box + Long Beans (photoshopped)

Crafting Process to create the final artwork