Advertisement Analysis [Y1 Foundation: 4D]

This is a McDonalds advertisement in Singapore. 

Image from:

Google Slides available below:


First Impression:

  • Delicious, freshly made, juicy meat
  • Want to try the new products

Use of colours/tone:

  • Bright and colourful image,
  • Variety of colours: red, pink, green, brown
  • Implies optimistic atmosphere

The wooden tray, table and the burgers are all brown, therefore leading viewers to focus onto the brightest brown of the burgers.

Background/ connoted message:

  • Grassland, Food on wooden table
  • Linked to: Picnic, Farm, Sources of their new products are from farm->freshly made

Green of the grassland is the complementary colour of brown, contrasting the main objects in this image.

Choice of Containers:

  • Wooden tray(raw material), glass cup, iron container for fries
  • Linked to: High quality food

More appealing to viewers when compared to plastic containers that we usually see in McDonalds.

Words/ denoted messages:

The caption is in brown-red that is in same tone with burgers, table and tray.

  • Brown-red highlight contrasts with the white bolded and capitalize letters-> eye catching
  • To bring out the intention of this ad: come to McDonalds and buy their NEW products
  • linguistic message directs exact information intended to be given to the viewers
  • Labels are less important (name of the products)->in smaller font size.

Placement of food/ connoted message:

  • Main food in front: burgers are the most attractive new products, thus are the focus
  •  Burgers are richer in colour compared to fries and McFlurry( the meat, veggie, cheese and bread)       ->shows the juicy meat to attract potential customers
  • Fries and McFlurry are out of focus


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