Web Design (HTML + CSS) [Tuition Agency]


I chose to build a website with HTML and CSS programming language for an existing company. A official website for my own tuition agency startup, Matchamentor (match a mentor). 

About Matchamentor

A social media based home tuition agency in Singapore. We help to match students with top JC graduates and share free study tips for JC & secondary school students on our instagram accounts. 


Self Evaluation 

Although I have experiences of UI/UX designs and prototyping for various projects, this is my very first time to code a website. This course gives an precious opportunity and empower me with HTML & CSS coding knowledge for me to turn my designs and prototype to an actual working website. I have learnt how to code animation effects and responsive design. These are features that add-on value of the website, making a better user experience. I am glad to gain knowledge of them. During the development process, I also manage to make good use of online resources to find debugging solutions. It pushes me to be self- motivated. Building a website for my own startup is really a satisfying accomplishment:D

Surrounded by the blossoming of convenient digital service providers, I deeply think that user interface and user experience are the keys to the future design industry. As a visual communication and interactive media student, I was able to apply my visual communication and coding skills through designing the user interface and developing the website. 

I have encountered quite a lot of challenges. After building the basic layout of the site, I wanted to add-in animation effect to give a more inviting user experience. The ease-in/fade in/ typewriter effects are not as easy as I thought. I ended up researching for hours to learn how to apply to my site. I realized that some special effects require prior knowledge of json or scss, which I haven’t learnt of.       

Future Goal
If I have more time, I would definitely work on learning json and applying it on improving the site.

Thank you for reading!     

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