Marina Bay Research & Infographic [Yr1: Graphic Form. Zine Locale Part I]

Concept Development

In this project, I want to explore further my favourite place in Singapore: the Marina Bay (including Marina Bay Sands, Satay by the bay, garden by the bay and Art, Science Museum). Marina Bay is a newly developed attractions. As a foreigner, I am not deep-rooted to Singaporean culture. Therefore, I want to explore this attraction in point of view of a foreigner and see how locals view it differently. 

Survey Results

61 responses

57.4% singaporean

42.6% not singaporean- mainly student who is studying in sg local school


17-19: 24 people, 40%

20-24: 34 people, 56.7%

50-55: 2 people, 3.33%

Have you visit the Marina Bay area last year?(including Sands, ArtSci Museum, Garden by the bay, Satay by the bay ) last year?

Yes: 86.7%


No: no time, too crowded, not interested

What are the reasons that brought you to the Marina Bay area?

  • Events going on(fireworks/carnivals/exhibition): 14
  • Work: 1
  • Shopping: 9
  • Museum, garden by the bay, Sightseeing/ chill:18
  • Chill alone: 6
  • Hang out with friends/ families: 16
  • Exercise: 1
  • Hotel: 3
  • Restaurant: 5

Conclude: most attracted by the scene, events, Sands and garden by the bay and ArtSci Museum

Favourite place in Marina Bay?

40% Marina bay sands

38.3% Garden by the bay

15% Art, Science Museum

6.7% Satay by the bay

Favourite place in Marina Bay? WHY?

  • Free of charge
  • Walking around and chill& relax
  • Art!
  • Marina bay sands- less crowded than orchard
  • Beautiful scenery +++
  • Calm n soothing environment
  • Shopping
  • Picnic

How much do you spend on average in the Marina Bay area?

56.7% $0-50

25% $50-100

16.7% $100-500

1.6% $500 above

Where do you eat at, in the Marina Bay area?

  • Satay by the bay: 5
  • Food court(hawker centre): 13
  • Normal Restaurants/cafe at Marina Bay sands: 12
  • Ding Tai Fung:4
  • Highly priced restaurant: 4
  • Dabao (takeaway): 1,2
  • No: 10

Have you heard of Art Box or Prudential Carnival before? 

Yes: 68.3%

No: 31.7%

What is your impression towards this area (Marina Bay)?

  • Tourist attraction, many tourist : 15
  • Expensive, rich people place: 6
  • Crowded:2
  • Nice scenery (atas): 6
  • A singapore iconic landmarks: 4
  • Events going on: 5
  • Expensive/luxurious: 16
  • Relax: 4

Plan for presentation

  1. Observation (photos): Sands, Satay by the bay, Garden by the bay, ArtSci Museum
  2. History/ development of the Marina Bay area
  3. Infographics based on the responses and data received from the survey


Photos taken by myself




Script for the video

What is your impression towards Marina Bay. For this zine project, I am going to explore marina bay which including Sands, Art, Sci Museum, Garden by the Bay, Satay by the Bay.

The development of Maria Bay. Since early establishment and planning of Singapore, the sg government has planned to proceed land reclamation due to anticipation of increasing growth. By late 1900s, the reclamation was done. This gives the base of the marina bay that we see today. The marina bay sands is carefully planned by Singapore government,  business companies and foreign architect. In 2010 June, the Sands is open. Following is the opening of art, science museum, which is right in front of the Sands. The famous tourist attraction, garden by the bay is completed in June 2012, two years of the Sands. Finally is the Satay food court that open to the public in 2013 January.

Marina Bay Sands is a shopping mall and hotel located at Bayfront MRT station, next to the Central Business district, Raffles Place.  Built in 2010. It has been a landmark in Singapore since then.

It has the largest rooftop infinity pool and a world-class casino.

Full of high-ended bands, luxurious fashion and celebrity chef- owned restaurants. Other than the expensive activities, there is a food court and a light canvas for family activities.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The Sands Hotel is famous for its beautiful scenery and its rooftop infinity pool located at the Sky Garden. People can look down from the pool to the cityscape of Singapore. This infinity pool is only available to the registered hotel guests which attracts tourist and even locals to experience the hotel.

5 sense. To conclude what I observe and experience in the marina bay sands. I hear people talking all around as this is a crowded attraction even on weekdays. I see luxurious bands, fashion shops, including fast fashion and tourist- oriented shops, the casino, light canvas and off course the wonderful view outside the sands through the glass window. I taste the Yole (the most affordable dessert in the sands) and smell the perfume in the mall.

Art, science museum My favourite museum in Singapore! It was completed in February 2011 and has a permanent interactive art exhibition by company Teamlab. There are art installation exhibition on the 3rd floor and jewellery display on the 4th.

Again to conclude, I hear people laughing, really enjoying the interactive exhibit and the sound effect from the device to construct a virtual space. I see Art!

Here’s the Garden by the bay. It  is built in 2012 and has 3 separate zones. The flower dome, cloud forest and the Supertree Grove.

The Garden by the bay has a calm and soothing environment that allows visitors to calm down and relax. Every night at 7:45pm and 8:45pm there is a light show at the supertree grove.

Finally is the Satay by the bay, it is open to the public in jan 2013. It is a hawker center designed to offer relatively cheaper local dishes to the visitors and offers a scenic view of the city skyline as well as the Gardens by the Bay key iconic features.

Survey result. There are 61 responses for my survey. Asking people whether they are Singaporean or not gives me an insight of how people response to the questions differently.

57 point 4 percent is Singaporean and 42.6% is not. Regards,  All of the responses are from young adult.

Have you visit marina bay last year? 86.9% of ppl says Yes and 13.1% says No. People who say no explained that it is too expensive, too crowded and too far to travel to the marina bay.

I guess the Marina bay is a great place for hanging out with friends and families. 26.7% of people wrote down the same reason. 30% of responses  go to the marina bay for sightseeing: including visting to the art, sci museum , garden by the bay and occasion light/ art exhibition.

22.9% of ppl go there because of fireworks or carnivals.

Other reasons include exercising, relaxing, shopping, having expensive delights and staying in the hotel.

Out of expectation, marina bay sands is the most popular one. People always complain how expensive things are in sands but here we get 41.1% of ppl that like sands the most. Reasons are the sands is less crowded than orchard, it is a shopping heaven (for rich ppl), it is highly aesthetic and have free air con.

The 1st runner up is Garden by the bay. Having 37.7% of love. People comment that it has a beautiful scenery, calm and soothing environment. It is the best place to chill and relax among the 4.

The 2nd runner up is … Art, sci museum. Art students love interesting museum. Having 14.8% of response say it is the favourite place in Marina bay.

The least is 6.6%, the satay by the bay. People don’t really eat in Marina bay, most of the people eat in the sands, with air-con. Some have picnic and some would eat first before visiting Marina bay as it is expensive.

Impression towards the marina bay.

Expensive, beautiful, relaxing, crowded, tourist attraction, iconic landmarks

How much will you spend in the Marina bay area? Over half of the ppl would spend less than 50.

This comes up with a question: Is it real that ppl cannot really enjoy marina bay because of the pricey product ?


Thank you for reading 🙂

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