Dan Ning is an artist/designer with strong drawing and illustrative skills despite coming from academic Science background in Junior College. She is explorative in her work, branching her skills out to product design and interactive media. She believes in the significance of function before form. yet she presents expressively producing works that she describes as artistic engineering. She dwells within surrealistic nature of imagination inspired by Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy liao (几米). Hidden concepts behind pretty facades are what fuels her passion.

Dan Ning is a designer with a background in sciences coming from Junior College. Having dabbled in animation, interactive medias and product design, she believes that the product must always be functional before it is beautiful. She is always into exploring the meaning that artworks can bring to people as a language and how to utilize new mediums to express her purposes. She is often inspired by the Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao , who utilizes a lot of metaphor in his work to express the words in an other-worldly manner. She is also a fan of Chinese artist Wu Guan Zhong, enjoying to explore the glaring but implied meaning in his artworks.

Sample work:

Cat speakers whereby the tails are hooks that can be used to hang the speakers.