The pod by eight sleep

There are many variations of the smart mattress but the eight sleep pod is one of the most highly rated mattresses.

the mattress can be controlled by an application on the smartphone.

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During sleep, data is taken from the mattress about how much you toss and turn throughout the night. ( this is probably using pressure sensors that are spread out throughout the mattress itself)

There is also data on how long you have been asleep and when you have been asleep from.

There is also a temperature setting whereby you can set one half of the bed to warmer and the other to be colder catered for each person’s need.

The Pros:

For people who have difficulty sleeping, it is a good gauge of why you are not able to fall asleep. ( reasons may range from sleep posture to whether you are cold during your sleep)

The Cons:

Well spending nearly 2000 USD on a mattress is a lot .

This can be made smaller and into a T-shirt or pajamas to pressure sense sleep posture…?  to make it probably more efficient than changing your entire mattress for better sleep.

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