Minimalism reflection

The work I was inspired by in the minimalism exhibition was the room for one colour by Olafur Eliasson since not only was it impressive visually due (everyone went “wow” when they first entered the room ) but it has also given me  a new perspective on how to use light as a medium. It made me think that somehow somethings we have always taken for granted like the spectrum of light, when taken away from our lives can make such a huge difference in how we view the world. Another thing that is interesting is that it takes not only the walls of the room as the canvas but also makes the people standing in it the artwork, allowing people to be involved in the artwork itself. It was very disorientating to see everyone in yellow, but it made me think of the possibilities of what I could possibly use the different spectrums of light for and how maybe a sculpture that was made originally could be made different with the different type of lighting presented. I realised this was a concept that I have not explored and may be interested in exploring, like the change of something static with reaction from something dynamic.