Losing oneself in the Simulated world.

people all have the tendencies to escape from( sorry abot this somehow my delete is not working probperly not sure what is wrong)

the main article that I have analysed is losing oneself in the simulated world. It is a very important idea that has affected our lives after the prevailence of the virtual worlds and mmmorpgs where people can live as the like in  the rworld of their choice. The worlds in the internet is often idealised,  filled with magic, mystery and have a lack of real world problems such as the need for food and money to survive. The attractive thing about games is also that the simulated worlds allows people to choose what they want to be, who they want to be and what they want to do easily, just sitting in front of a computer rapidly tapping on the keyboard. Yet as the article says, there is still limitations as to the games . It’s always filled with rules due to the restrictions of the algorithms and it is difficult to emulate the number of choicesyou have in the real world.