Creative Industry Report – Sam Lo

The artist I have chosen to research on for this industry report is Singaporean artist, Sam Lo better known to many as the “Sticker Lady”. The reason why I chose to research and present about her is because she is the first recognised artist I followed on instagram and I am truly proud of her achievements as a fellow Singaporean.… Read more →

Task 3 Deliverable 1 – Here4her app

Link to app: Aim of app: This is a chat platform to encourage women who had been through the abortion procedure to open up and talk about their thoughts and emotions. I feel that it will be easier for them to open up online rather than face to face about such topic. Start up page > Login page >… Read more →

Task 1A: Exploratory Research

List of Current Issues a) Taboo – Crying at work Article 1: The Surprising Truth about Crying at Work Article 2: Crying on the job? You’re not alone, with 8 in 10 workers shedding tears Crying at work is deemed as a taboo because people seemed to associate crying with being unprofessional. They are afraid that projects will… Read more →

Assignment 2 – Varoom Final

Hi! I’ll start off with introducing both my ideal user and negative user that further lead to my final design. Based on my previous thumbnail sketches and pencil composition, I knew I wanted my design to look quirky and funny with a rather “dark” sense of humour. Therefore, I created Babara who is a quirky artist and she is interested… Read more →

Product Design Essay – International Style

International Style is an architectural style that flourished in Europe and the United States in the 1920s and 1930s. It became the dominant style in the Western architecture during the mid 20th century. The common traits of the International Style buildings are the rectilinear framework, light and firm plane surfaces that were entirely void of ornamentation and decoration. Additionally, there… Read more →

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