Assignment 2 poster layout mindmap, moodboard and process

Hello! This is a documentation of my process for assignment 2.

I started off doing a mindmap and because I don’t usually do a mindmap to collect my thoughts, my mindmap looks rather simple. Even though it’s relatively simple, it did help me gather my thoughts and I decided to work on the life cycle of the butterfly. I was thinking of making an event for kids to participate and at the same time allow them to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly. I was inspired by how the larva (caterpillar) sort of weave itself into a pupa and later turned into a butterfly. With this thought in mind, I knew I was going with this direction for my illustration on the poster.

This is the woven craft that I managed to find. I wanted to make sure that this craft is not complicated for kids to participate because they are my main target audience so I went to read on the tutorial for this. If you are interested in trying out, here’s the link: Have fun! 🙂

Moving on, I did a moodboard. Before starting the moodboard, I already had a colour scheme in mind because of assigned exercise 4 where we did a colour study of our animal design. I particularly liked my design in the analogous colour scheme.It reminds me of a carnival theme so with this colours in my head, I went on to create my moodboard:
I then drew up 2 pencil composition for one of the crit class. For both my composition, I had the caterpillar weaving into a butterfly in my head. In addition to this, the material for my craft workshop is yarn. With these 2 ideas in my head, I thought of designs that can incorporate yarn and butterfly.

Composition 1:
Composition 2:
I was then told during the crit session that even though composition 1 looked dynamic but conceptually composition 2 worked better. In addition, Lisa suggested I did a X composition by adding more strings of yarn around the text. I then decided to try and draw my own title still with the idea of incorporating strings of yarn into my text. I ended up making my title look “stringy” and came up with this:

(On a side note, it took me some time to think of a title that actually works. I thought that I wanted a title that kids can understand yet it’s not too kiddy because I would want adults especially the parents to look at the poster too. So I guess “hatch your butterfly” works? It gets my main idea across and I believe kids will wonder how do they hatch a butterfly haha.)

I moved on to improvise on my pencil composition based on the comments given during the crit session where I made certain elements smaller (like the yarn ball) and the main focus (the caterpillar and butterfly) bigger. I redrew the pencil composition so that I can see how I am going to layout my title, illustration and the body text better and clearer.

Moving on,  digitalized my pencil composition and came up with this:

I then made changes to my title after hearing Lisa’s suggestion by making use of the yarns to create the title. Here’s the outcome:

However, I decided to vectorize it but it loses its details of the texture but when I added colours based on my colour scheme, I find that the frayed texture of the yarns still worked for me. I went on with using it as the title anyway.
ANDDDDDDD this is the final outcome! :)) Since it’s targeted for kids mainly, I chose the dates to be on the upcoming June holidays and also holding this event at the kids area in the Singapore Zoo. Let’s talk about some improvements I would like to make. Firstly, I find that the title can be better polished, I could try harder to possible get the texture of the yarns out. Secondly, I find that the hierarchy of my body text looked quite boring, perhaps I could highlight the date more and make it bigger. The thing that I enjoyed the most is illustrating the caterpillar and butterfly. I liked the outcome of it and how the caterpillar is linked to the butterfly.

Thanks for reading!

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