Author: Yolanda

HyperEssay: Yayoi Kusama—Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity

Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama is one of the most well-known artists in the world. Her artworks are easily identifiable with the repetitive dots and nets. This visual consistency that the artist possessed was said to be attributed to her motivation behind the creation of her work because she is able to assert complete creative control over her obsessions. In addition… Read more →


The way I created my manifesto is largely based on the idea of creating the art that you yourself like to see. I referenced this article on 5 ways to write your own artistic manifesto for productive results to work on my own manifesto. My thought process is mostly about how I would go about making art and why do… Read more →

History of Design

I believe that the history of design dates way back during the evolution of homo sapiens where carvings were found in caves. The neandethal rock art is one such example. Archeologists have found out that it is difficult to carve onto such rocks thus they believed that it might be an intentional act. However, it is debatable on whether this… Read more →

Zine Process 2

Finally I started on the content of my zine! After the consultation, I went back and think about what are the site specific elements that make up Kent Ridge Park. After looking through the photos that I’ve took so far and doing further research, the elements and the places that I’ve included in my zine are: Kent Ridge Pond (Cover… Read more →

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