Task 1B: Exploratory Research (survey findings)

For task 1B, through the survey findings I want to understand more of how people think of abortion and most importantly their thoughts about women who had been through this procedure.

The questions asked were:

1. What is your gender?

2. What is your age?

3. What is your marital status?

4. What are your thoughts on abortion.

5. If you agree that abortion is a choice, why?

These are some of the thoughts that I gathered for this question:

Own body, own choice
Couples/women did not get pregnant by choice
Choice lies with the caregivers (not ready to be parents, no added struggles to them)
If the fetus has health conditions/complications
Financial situation
Emotionally not ready
Unwanted pregnancy due to rape

6. Following up with the previous question, at which stage of pregnancy do you think it is alright to go through with an abortion?

7. Do you think that there are potential side effects following an abortion?

8. If yes, what are some of the potential side effects that you are aware of?

The thoughts are:

Emotionally affected
Death due to complications

9. Have you or anyone close to you been through an abortion before?

10. If yes, how did it affect you?

The thoughts are:

Guilt of not being able to disclose to the women’s family
Blaming themselves for being unable to help because the pregnancy was unwanted (rape)

11. Assuming that you had an abortion before, will you plan to have a child again?

12. Do you agree that abortion is a form of family planning?

13. Do you think we should do more to prevent the stigmatisation of abortion?

14. How do you think you can provide help to women around you who had been through abortion?

These are the suggestions I find that could be helpful:

An app to log their emotions, chat function
The use of contraceptions
Make counselling services known
Lend a listening ear
Provide better sexual education and other character development lessons so that they will be less likely to (if unmarried) place themselves in situations that might risk the chance of pregnancy and thus abortion, or (if married) to also provide courses on family planning so as to allow women to decide when they no longer want children

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