Task 3 Deliverable 1 – Here4her app

Link to app: https://yolanda943510.invisionapp.com/public/share/ESWU91R47

Aim of app: This is a chat platform to encourage women who had been through the abortion procedure to open up and talk about their thoughts and emotions. I feel that it will be easier for them to open up online rather than face to face about such topic.

Start up page > Login page > Profile page

Calendar page > Log diary page

This is the diary function that user can choose a date and log their diary. When logging their diary, they can choose their emotions (Feeling great/happy/sad/frustrated) accordingly. They have the option to share their diary post to the public or keep the post private.

Chat list page > Chat page

If a user post is shared publicly, the public can view their post and chat with them to offer support.



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