Container Houses

The use of containers as a building material has grown in popularity of the past several years due to their inherent strength, wide availability, and relatively low expense. Homes have also been built with containers because they are seen as more eco-friendly than traditional building materials such as brick and cement.

However, there have been concerns about the environmental friendliness of this project.

5 thoughts on “Container Houses”

  1. Yeah container was suddenly a craze for pop up store or houses. But it talks a lot about the planning of these Containers. They are abundant and abandoned by shipping companies because they realised they doesn’t want them anymore. Just shows that their planning really sucks to give away their container.

  2. I skimmed the article you linked to, and this stuck: “Relatively untrained people can build a room that size of simple wood framing in a day without needing to rent a crane or learning how to weld for about the same cost (or less) than buying a used container.” and also his discussion on using local materials for cheap buildings. What’s the “cheap materials” in Singapore? can we access & build larger structures with it? Also read the press relesase Pearlynn posted – – – where on Campus will this be built I wonder? I mean, our Uni doesn’t have AFAIK any architecture department so this might be either imported designs, or entirely MAE-driven ideas… will there be art?

  3. Besides the possibility of smaller environmental impact than traditional constructions this kind of buildings has to have a fraction of the assembly time than a normal building. This can be beneficial in a lot of situations were decent buildings needs to be established fast.

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