P2 squared

Pitch 1 – $500

1) Observation: Slap anyone hard enough and there will be a lag in reaction time of at least 2 seconds.
2) Money will go into buying materials and parts to build this standing machine. Will have modes + timer for full-auto slapping and push-to-slap.
3) Sole purpose is to slap people so they shut up.
4) Perfect for use on babies so they stop crying. Put cushioned glove on business end to prevent blistering.

Objective: preserve silence when required.
Pros: silence preserved with babies (hopefully).
Cons: people hate being slapped, will also cause more noise in the very near future of 2 seconds.

Pitch 2 – $5mil

Homeless Hostel:
1) Buy an apartment complex/building, renovate and outfit with amenities if not already present.
2) Provide room and board to the homeless in exchange for skillshare and small fee if they decide to work for the hostel. Eg: jobs maintaining the hostel; cooking meals, doing laundry, sweeping the hallways, repairing furniture etc.
3) Collect amenities bills from those who have jobs outside the hostel, based on percentage of person’s earnings.

Objective: give homeless opportunity + shelter
Pros: social progress.
Cons: most likely completely goodwill driven after initial funds dry up. may close within or outside of given time frame, depending on goodwill turnout.

Pitch 3 – Duo

2D Survival Horror:
1) Game based on journalistic integrity and reactionary ethics.
2) Navigate an interview, dig up information on interviewee, decide whether or not to B&E.
3) Make decisions, enter without getting caught, escape intact.
4) Funds going into software and license purchases.



A 2D pixel game based on journalistic nosey-ness and conflict resolution, set in an escape from a serial killer’s house by actually considering smart options to take and not the usual ‘touch everything’ mentality. Because consequences are a thing.


Install a customizable personnel recognition system into all school dormitories that will welcome you home at the door in a voice of your choice (sexy girl, black dude, John Cena, or Tom Hiddleston, if that floats  your boat).