Assignment 3: part deux

Project 1:

ZODIAC, a flash interactive comic following the lives of a group of serial killers. Each serial killer and their patterns and mode of operations fall under the personality quirks representative of the zodiac sign they belong to.
Operates as an experiment in telling a disjointed narrative with an element of puzzle solving for the reader, through clues given through each character’s storyline. Upon completion of the 12 short story arcs, players will unlock the final answer arc, which wraps up the narrative.

Budget: Est upwards of $500, with $312 going into buying Flash CC for a year, and the rest into sound outsourcing.

Timeline breakdown as follows:
May 2016 – May 2017
Concept: May – July
Story: June – August
Art: July – February
Programming: November – March
Testing: November – March

Project 2:

Re: Imagine, a hack and slash game. Follows the adventures of a boy as he embarks on a quest to recover his lost school items taken by bullies earlier in the day. The game deals with the concept of escapism, with a narrative centring on bullying.



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