Project 3 – Impossibilities of Being


20 places


  1. Body of a stray cat (Adopt, don’t shop concept)
  2. Flea (Discovering beyond his own little world of a cat’s body, exploring boundaries of ‘outer space’ – chaotic home environment)
  3. Transgender person
  4. Stuffed toy (‘Chou Chou’ following through growth of a child)
  5. Infected zombie (Exploring the human nature)

Surreal Location

  1. Space
  2. Heaven
  3. Hell
  4. Fish tank
  5. Rubbish bin
  6. Terrapin Shell
  7. Plant Stem
  8. Ant Nest (The systematic way of life, similar to human beings.)
  9. Deep ocean
  10. Ears of an orphan
  11. Mother’s heart
  12. Womb


  1. Bottle
  2. Phone
  3. Computer
  4. Video Game
  5. Music Video
  6. Husband’s Porn Stash :O
  7. Kettle
  8. Packet of chips

Mnemosyne Project Research

“Method of Visualisation”


Pink Pineapple, COCO Chanel, Flower Shuttle, YELLOW paint

Imagery helps information sticks through recollection of its visual associations such as colour, texture, shape etc.

Olfactory Memory


Smells can either trigger traumatic memories, or uplift your mood through pleasant memories and aromatherapy

My Two Scents

Pleasant Scent

Unpleasant Scent

Recycled Plastic Art

The end.

Thank you for reading! Can’t wait to experiment with plastics for this project 🙂