Assignment 2 – Assigned Ex 4,5,6

For this project, I think it was a really interesting experience learning about the grid system and layouts. To begin, I started with researching on the fun facts about geckos, and coming up with some random names that resonate with the creature’s attributes:

Assigned Exercise #4 Mindmap

Eventually, after much ideation and brainstorming, I settled on the idea of “Geeky Geckos”, with the following 2 headlines as options:

1. Masters of Math & Science

  • Could be presented as day to educate young children about the joy of learning mathematics and science, using the Gecko as an example
  • Using angles and ions as graphic elements

2. Scientists of the Sticky World

  • Could be presented as a day to educate zoo visitors about animal conservation through the wonders of the Gecko physicality. — “Geeky Geckos”
  • Using electromagnetic waves as main graphic elements and suitable color to bring out technology feel
  • Abstract and visually intriguing

ElectroMagnetic Wave

Both of these headlines are crafted to reflect the sticky and quirky attributes of the gecko’s footpad, based off interesting facts like:

  • Geckos are unable to control the “stickiness” of their footpads
  • They do not churn out any sticky substances, yet able to cling well onto surfaces
  • The only material they can’t cling onto is Teflon
  • Geckos are able to stick onto surfaces due to the theory of electromagnetism!
  • Geckos use varied angles to ‘release’ from their positions, and cannot unstick themselves at a 90′ angle!
  • A gecko that dies sticky, will remain sticking after death. (This reminded me of Newton’s first law!)

Assigned Exercise #5 Moodboards

With the above research, I started putting together some moodboards based on what we learnt in class, in order to obtain the color feel, elements, and ideal composition for later conceptualisation:

Concept: Geckos – Mysterious little creatures that not many people really appreciate. Secretly science-y, intellectual little beings… welcome to their tiny worlds!

I wanted something mysteriousdark yet intriguing, something abstract that represents the interesting physicalities of the gecko, that would also give a sense of curiosity to the viewers and invite them forth to take a closer look at the poster for the event.

In my head, I had the keywords: Abstract, Mysterious, Science-y, Graphical.

The main colours that I decided to use are:
#EF4CFF, #965CE5, #0027F9, #000099, 0F003D and #FFFFFF.

Color Moodboard:

While researching, the following typographic posters caught my eye:

While researching, I was also inspired by an artist called Neri Oxman.

I enjoy the bio-art concepts she produces, but most importantly, the organic shapes and geometrical aesthetics of her works seems quite suitable for the visual direction of the selected second concept pertaining to electromagnetism.

Overall inspiration and visual direction moodboard put together:

Assigned Exercise #6 Grid Layout