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Assignment 2A Object & Craft Technique Studies – Task 2 (Object Studies)

For this assignment, I decided to draw a hairdryer.

I started with some rough sketches:

And then worked on the orthographic drawings in a 1:2 scale.

After coming up with the first version, I realised that it was wrong as the proportion was off and the side angle of it was in the wrong direction.

Hence, I re-drew it, this time with cleaner lines and better accuracy.

With that, I utilised the orthographic views to project into an axonometric drawing.

(Really sorry for the late submission!)

  1. – The drawings are generally well done, with great variation of lineweight seen in the Ortho drawings as well as the projected Axo drawing.

    – The axo projection is well done with some minor room for improvement where the blower element is – the semi-circular shapes looks little off, but otherwise there is good attempt at drawing the details to this area.

    – Good job with the assignment, however the drawings was submitted 2 weeks late. Please do bring in your hardcopies to class for me to have a closer look. Thank you.