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Axonometric Drawings


Have your snack in peace.



This project was created purely out of a coincidence. When I first started working on it by building the blocks, I had zero idea in mind and didn’t know what to come up with. Eventually, I explored a few different variations and finally settled for the eventual design. Because of its aggressive shape and tank-like structure, the random idea of a “fruit fly killer” came to mind, and I decided to work on it!

Raw Drawing:

The above is a cleaned-up version of what I originally had. Some of the errors that I made during the process was:

  1. Not factoring into consideration the thickness of the marker pen into dimensions when doing outlines. This led to wonky and inaccurate shapes that looked weird visually.
  2. Mis-outlining of the wrong lines to indicate depth and mis-dotting the wrong hidden lines.
  3. Marker smudges and deep eraser lines (oops)


Some of the images that I was inspired by while doing research.

I like the simple layout of the middle design, as it is easy to understand and the white background helps to keep it clean and minimal. I also like the style of the older lego manual color. Since these blocks are from the brand, I decided to mimic the colours of it in a cleaner knock-off version.


  1. Raw drawings

    – Great set of drawings. I especially enjoy seeing the various lineweights and hidden lines- helps with easy reading

    – There is some minor areas for improvement eg. The arch piece’s vertical lines do not appear parallel. The wheel piece has the tires presented slightly different in curvature.


    – The colour and presentation is pleasant and simple to understand.

    – I do see however, as the steps progresses, the manual could have benefited from some differentiation of the newly fixed pieces from the existing ones. This could have been done by fading out the already built elements or bolding the new pieces.

    – The details shown in close-up are impressive if not computer generated (please clarify in class with me)

    – There are studs missing on the wheel pieces & window pieces.


    On the whole very well done, with minor areas for improvement.