Axonometric Drawings


Have your snack in peace.



This project was created purely out of a coincidence. When I first started working on it by building the blocks, I had zero idea in mind and didn’t know what to come up with. Eventually, I explored a few different variations and finally settled for the eventual design. Because of its aggressive shape and tank-like structure, the random idea of a “fruit fly killer” came to mind, and I decided to work on it!

Raw Drawing:

The above is a cleaned-up version of what I originally had. Some of the errors that I made during the process was:

  1. Not factoring into consideration the thickness of the marker pen into dimensions when doing outlines. This led to wonky and inaccurate shapes that looked weird visually.
  2. Mis-outlining of the wrong lines to indicate depth and mis-dotting the wrong hidden lines.
  3. Marker smudges and deep eraser lines (oops)


Some of the images that I was inspired by while doing research.

I like the simple layout of the middle design, as it is easy to understand and the white background helps to keep it clean and minimal. I also like the style of the older lego manual color. Since these blocks are from the brand, I decided to mimic the colours of it in a cleaner knock-off version.