Moment in Transience


Refining upon the idea of ‘Urban Magic’, I wanted this piece of work to capture the magic of everyday passing moments which we often miss in our busy lives. Our subconscious never forgets. Moment in Transience is a piece which draws focus on the magic of colors, smells, sounds that we take in everyday, bringing immersion to the walking audience with the movements of flow and stillness. Starting with the slow rise/fall of sunrise and sunset, to the ripples of rain, this piece of work is all about entering a state of ‘flow’ to lose sense of passing time, inspired from the Japanese concept of Ikigai.



It is my first time using Aftereffects and I am glad that I got to learn a new software! There were 2 methods that I used to create this piece, using Aftereffects:

1. Video editing

For this method, I used open-source videos found through the online site: Through manipulating videos with color adjustments, overlays and effects, it helped me to obtain the effects I wanted which would have been otherwise a little more challenging to create through Aftereffects at a beginner level.

Links to videos:

2.  Shapes and plugin effects

Through drawing directly onto the canvas in Aftereffects, I experimented with  multiple effects to manipulate the shapes into the various forms:

Some effects I played with include:

  • Time Stretch
  • Time Reverse
  • RotoBrush
  • Flipping (Invert, Rotate)
  • Masking (Track Matte)
  • Wave Warp
  • 3D ripples – Turbulent Displacement, CC Radial Fast Blur, Caustics