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Micro-Project 1: Creating the Third Space

  1. Chosen space/ object

I chose this space, due to the significance of this physical area to me as a freshman. I remember during one of our first few classes in sem1, this was the exact place where my classmates and I mingled and got to know each other better during our break. This place, though ordinary, was the area where we first broke ice as friends. Beyond just the physical idea of space, I wanted to capture the people within it in this exact location as a visual representation of ‘safe space’. The idea of friends taking on the form of ‘space’ expressed in its comfort & familiarity. A safe place. Especially during the hectic process of adaptation in ADM year 1 sem 1.

Image wise, I intentionally butchered a whole image into 3 individual posts. Each post was created to position full emphasis on specific subjects (explained below), yet not make any meaning when viewed individually.  However, it is precisely this lack of ‘meaning making’ in the individual posts that allows interpretation to be up to the individual viewers.

(individual 3 images) – Physical Table, Friends, Self.

Overall, the key idea in this was to divert focus from the usual idea of ‘place’ (architecture/location etc) to focus on the core of what makes this place a space.

2. Characteristics of alternative virtual space created collectively

In this alternative virtual space, the nature of the post constantly changes as people interact with it. Initially, I did realise that the likes were really slow, and overall did not gather as many likes as my other posts. However, as people started commenting, the influx of interaction (read: likes) increased. This could be due to Instagram’s algorithm of content display based on no. of interactions, OR could simply be a real life example of a reaction building upon another reaction. 

Content wise, by keeping a little mystery in the individual pictures through intentional cropping, it prompted some of my friends who are truly curious to click onto the #1010ADM hashtag.

However, I feel that as the content was not the typical ‘Insta-worthy’ shots, it did not garner as many virtual attention. This made me realise that in order to succeed in generating signification interactions, the created content has to adapt according to the ever-changing nature of the virtual space itself.

3. Circumstance(s) where alternative virtual space will change?

Previously, my account was private.

For this project, I opened it up to public and gathered some comments from peeps who do not follow me. Through tracking pictures under the #1010ADM hashtag, some of them left comments under my images despite us not knowing each other. Likewise, I also left some likes & comments on some pictures under the #1010ADM hashtag. Simply having images categorised under the same hashtag had helped built a community, where people were comfortable sharing comments and likes with one another despite not knowing/communicating with each other in real life.

Apart from that, I chose not to respond to the comments under the image, as an experimental comparison with my other classmates who have always been actively responding to people in their images. It made me realise that the ‘vibe’ of the virtual space also changes when the creator responds, encouraging more interaction from the viewers.

Also, I feel that the limited knowledge about the #10101ADM also created an exclusive space, which worked as a catalyst of interest within some of the interactions I had with my non-adm peers.

4. Concept of DIY & DIWO

In this simple exercise, the concept of DIY was in the ideation & selection of space to capture and post the image. Initially, I actually took some images of some places on its own, but realise that it was ‘bland’ compared to having people in it. The DIWO aspect came when my friends and I worked together to help each other with our images, be it capturing each other or having each other in the images. This helped us to enrich our images to create more visually interesting content. In terms of the interaction, by having our friends comment on our posts did encourage other people to partake as well, and it is through DIWO that we are able to have a greater outreach.

For those who viewed but choose not to participate in any interaction with the post, that in itself was also a form of response, which could be a measure of the content’s success. Through a simple collection of three images, I was able to direct some of my participating followers onto one single platform, which was pretty cooOoOol.