3D Assignment 2 (24 August 2016)

Today, our class brought the ready-mades purchases from 30 Kelantan Road last week! As we are going to create living organisms with the ready-mades.

Mr Peter mentioned, ‘Less is more’. So the lesser connections between the ready-mades, the better.

In a moment of folly today, I forgot to bring the items I bought from 30 Kelantan Road… But that is okay! I will just make do with what I retrieved from my dad’s tool box.smile


These are the materials I brought from home, hoping that I can create magic from scrap.

After reviewing our ideas with Mr Peter, we went ahead and got our hands dirty when he gave the green light!

The coffee bean strainer resembled a braised duck head at first glance to me because of its color and holes in the right place that resembled a duck’s nose…

Image result for brown duck

Hence, I made a duck from a coffee bean strainer and a light bulbed shape bottle I got from a flea market at Tanjong Pajar railway station.


My second animal is a Butterfly. Made from cut cord and a rusty immobile door hinge.


Image result for butterfly with eyes

The holes for the screws resembles the pattern on a butterfly.

And my third animal is a Seahorse! Using a long screw as it’s snout, a hose tighten-er as it’s body and… and unidentified electronic object as it’s face.


Front View


Side View


Image result for seahorse

It was a fun and creative lesson today as not only I felt that I was pushing my boundaries for imagination, I felt that I was trying to see non-living mechanical objects into something that is lively and alive!

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