DV2002: Assessment #1 – Self Portrait (Class Activities)

This is the first post for DV2002: Illustration for Designers! I hope through this module, I will be able to be more expressive through my illustrations and adventurous in my learning journey! Lets go~

(22 January, Week 2)

We were given a class activity to draw our classmates and it was really fun! I drew my friend Rachel using continuous line drawing as we were given a short time, I figured this method was the fastest and more realistic form of illustration! 🙂

My drawing of my friend, Rachel Ng

(29 January, Week 3)

We also had some practice in class where we learnt how to critiqued effectively as a illustrator and a viewer. It was really interesting to know what we thought of each other’s randomly chosen images!

The image I randomly chose was this :And applying what was taught, this is my Visual Analysis on Image 7:

  • Lines are smooth and clean, as though created using vectors.
    The image is a front view of a bicycle and it is illustrated in its simplest form. The subject matter is vertically symmetrical.
    The negative and positive space is used to make the image of the subject matter. So much so it does not have definitive lines.
  • The color pallet is made from 3 colors: Yellow, White and Black. Yellow being the most striking color draws attention, black creates area of emphasis for this image, drawing attention to information that matters. And white creates a sense of breathing space.
  • Hierarchy of the image has a definitive order and creates visual movement for the eyes to follow based on the scale. The reader’s eyes move from the main subject figure (bike), the title, sub header and body text, and lastly the date.

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