After several rounds of experimentation, edits and tryouts; these are my final submissions!




I had a hard time choosing between these 2 as I really liked the composition for (A) as it resembles the top view of the location I chose : Johor Bahru Jalan Wong Ah Fook , but there is readability issue with ‘World’ when inversed.

There is visual tension. And I really liked (B) as well cause the visual hierarchy made it easier for viewers to read.

18 x 18 cm Black and White Letter that has an interesting type.


I further scattered the letters and changed up the scale of the letters and play around with the arrangement, while taking into consideration of visual hierarchy.
18 x 18 cm organic letter. I like the different broken glass shards within the letter. It is raw and edgy. The reflective surface creates depth.

I changed up the curve levels and got this lovely colour! It has a combusted metallic look and it is a fresh new perspective to the glass shards~

Taking a look at the Molten Metallic letter A closer!


My favorite application tryouts!



I went to multiple printing shops to get a glimpse of how my printed work will look like, and a pity to say that the printed results really vary very differently from the computer screen…   

The black A3 Organic ones are such a pity as I really wanted the glass shards to shine through the black background through its contrast, but sad to say the printing came out TERRIBLY: The ink was inconsistent and even after editing the master file so many times, there was always this grey box behind each letter…

So I decided to change up the Curves and submit the Molten Metallic Shattered Dreams against a white background, instead of the Glass on black background.




I chose textured paper for the A3 pieces (250 gsm) for the Vernacular Type because I like the grid-like texture, which resembles the top view of the map. Comparing the texture of the paper and its location, its rough grid lines and yet smooth texture as a whole is like the area of choice: Jalan Wong Ah Fook. The town is pretty urban and a mixture of old and new.

I chose glossy white A4 (260 gsm) for the Vernacular Type 18 x18cm B/W letter is because the type itself has a smooth glossy texture, and I thought using the same texture for the printed version will emulate the same feeling.


I chose silk white textured paper (different from the Vernacular paper) for the A3 pieces (250 gsm) for the Organic Type because I really liked how the type looked raw and edgy, and the irregularly gridded textured paper reflected what I felt of the broken glass type: Irregular, angular and broken.

I chose glossy white A4 (260 gsm) for the Organic Type 18 x18cm letter is because the type itself has a smooth glossy texture, and I thought using the a glossy smooth texture for the printed version will enhance the shine and smoothness of the glass pieces.

AND I AM DONE WITH ASSIGNMENT 2~ Thank you for sticking through TYPO 1 Assignment 2 posts, hope you like the final product, and see you next time on Assignment 3 posts! 🙂

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