Y2S1 TYPO1- Assignment 3: BLACK & WHITE TYPE (FINAL)

After editing and cleaning up some of my designs, I have finally decided on which designs I want to submit. The following are the designs I have decided to submit for the final.

On the day of printing, I chose 310 gsm glossy paper for Assignment 3A because I wanted my newly designed type to look clean. The reflective surface gives it a professional sheen.

I chose 300 gsm matt paper for Assignment 3B because my designs were inspired by bohemian carpets and I thought a matt paper type will give it a more raw and tactile touch.  I chose 300 gsm matt paper for Assignment 3C because I wanted lesser distraction from the already many elements I have considered. Hence, a matt paper would be less distracting due to the lack of shine.


All of which are in high gsm as I wanted a more sturdy approach.

Critique Day

We had some exercises during class critique and it was really fun to match our Type as Image to some scents Miss Angeline brought to class! 🙂

Matching scent with our letter type!

Everyone’s type as pattern SO BEAUTIFUL

What my classmate thought of my type as image while matching to the scent!

‘Friendly’ HELLOs mostly have arcs!

Thank you for sticking through assignment 3 with me! 🙂

Next up, Assignment 4! And it is gonna be really interesting, I cant wait!

Seng Yi Ling


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