Welcome to the final assignment post for TYPOGRAPHY 1.

If you have yet to see how these final deliverables came about, you can click on the image below to link you to the documentation post!

Y2S1 TYPO1 – Assignment 4: PERSONAL CREATION (Process + Research)

Open Brief: Type as Image and Emotion.

Aged Emotions
For this project on Typography, I used the typeface ‘ Quicksand ‘ to create portraits of the elderly; expressing different emotions, using colors and placement of words to further emphasize the emotion.
And here is a flip through video of the book.

Main Deliverable: ‘Aged Emotions’ Book

Extra Deliverables 1: Poster for Typography 1

Digital Version:

Digital Version of the Poster. White background.

Printed and mounted on the wall version:

I printed the poster on an A3 300gsm Champagne Pearl paper

Extra Deliverables 2: Stickers

I figured that the icons would make pretty stickers or badges to advocate for Grandparents’ Day, since it is a day that not many celebrates.

Stickers! I made them in various sizes to see which works best!

I thought that the smallest sized stickers would look nice for envelopes as seals.


Thank you for sticking through this post!


Seng Yi Ling.

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