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Greetings, my name is Yue Ling and I am currently pursuing a degree in fine arts. Most of my works are graphic design and illustration projects and I work experience in both fields.

My passion lies in visualising abstract ideas so that a larger audience is able to comprehend and appreciate them.  I believe strongly in research and designing for a purpose. The relationship between humans and digital technology intrigue me and digital pop culture fuel many of my works. I am also a strong believer of adding a sprinkle of humour and fun into otherwise serious design.

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Portfolio Works

  1. Beamy Dictionary

    Beamy Dictionary

    Beamy Dictionary is a printed booklet, perfect-bound for my school project on ‘Geriatric Technophobia’ branded as ‘BEAMY’, a mascot developed to make the project appear more convivial towards elderly.

    This illustrated dictionary on social media iconography is based on the principles of simplicity and friendliness and aims to help elderly be able to identify social media icons on Facebook and other social media sites so that they are able to navigate basic user interfaces.

    In another post, a Floating BEAMY user interface is also featured. The Floating BEAMY user interface demonstrates how elderly would be able to access a digital database of information available in the BEAMY iconography dictionary on their mobile devices.

  2. BOT-ANY


BOT-ANY is a speculative exhibition and social commentary of a certain hypothetical future where the pervasiveness of plants are exploited for the assimilation of ‘cyborg plants’ into our everyday living environments, embracing the duality of two seeming opposing themes of ‘Nature’ and ‘Technology’.

BOT-ANY draws inspiration from Harpreet Sapreen’s (MIT) research paper “Cyborg Botany: Augmented Plants as Sensors, Displays and Actuators“ where the concept of ‘Cyborg Plants’ are discussed as sub-categories such as phytosensors/actuators, organic infographics, soft-robotic locomotion and artificial arbortecture.

Check out BOT-ANY’s website here!

3. meme almanac

Meme Almanac

Other deliverables

You may access my other deliverables (namecard, cover letter and resume here!


A r t N o u v e a u

|| A r t N o u v e a u



This Art Nouveau abstract design is inspired mainly by the blue pea plant, which asides from its striking indigo colour, is also used for cooking Peranakan dishes. Other plant patterns featured are also related to the theme of food from different cultures, such as the pandan leaf plant, thyme and curry leaf plant.


(I took some photos but they are all too large to insert into this post but you can check some of them out on @noyumipic on Instagram. [ ] )


Noticeably, many of the plants featured an outward-growing pattern and so I incorporated that into my design using (almost) radial-symmetry. The botanical theme accompanied with symmetry serve to recall the Art Nouveau style.


Plant inspirations:


(taken by me) The blue pea plant is used to make a local desert called Nonya chang (see below) because of its natural blue pigment. The pandan leaves of the pandan plant are used for their green pigment and fragrant taste and smell in local desserts like kueh salat (see below) and a bunch of other kuehs. Thyme is a Western spice used for dishes like spaghetti. There are small leaves growing outwards on a stalk.  The curry leaf plant looks like the bigger version of thyme and is used for making dishes like… curry.