Wearable Tech: Process










Skirt Volume Prototype


Paper was layer the wire prototype. Very inefficient, there must have been a better way to do this.
Pattern derived from previous mock up. I folded it into 6 then made a pattern for a single panel.
Extend bodice to stabilise bottom
Wrong bodice pattern (Top) Correct Bodice pattern (bottom)

Some Skirt Construction

Leds secured with hand stitching
Casing made with bias tape and intersection overlap are left open to be hand stitched later.
I accidentally sewed over an led and destroyed it. 🙁 

Hand-Crochet Fringe

Tutorial here: https://howdidyoumakethis.com/custom-fringe/

Crocheting with the help of a board to keep length constant.

Tech Construction

Made a pocket to house all my tech.
Sensor secured to fringe on mask
Wire to conductive thread. (Did not work)
Threading the cunductive thread round the skirt to seamlessly connect to arduino.
Light works but sensor does not.

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IN/EX : identity unidentified


Identity is an elusive concept. It is a thing that presumably everyone should possess; to know who and what they are. But if there is no singularity in a person’s identity then which is the true you? Under French Psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan’s theory – The Mirror Stage, describes a scenario where a baby meets its own reflection for the first time. That is when it discovers itself, recognizing ‘me’ to be different from the objects in its surroundings. The discovery is centered around desire which is directed outside. Thus, “The not you, are a fundamental part of you.”

IN/EX draws inspiration from the mirror-ing and fluctuation of desires. The idea is mainly translated in the tech part whereby following the sight of the wearer, the exterior is reflected within, in the illuminated skirt. The veil and transparency of the garment is meant to represent the husk of the human appearance that is influenced by external happenings. The face of the mask is best to be covered with reflective elements for the mirror-ing aspect but when attempted it seemed to overpower just the mask and I intend to scatter some around the skirt to bring some balance to the work.


More rings of boning needs to be added for a fuller silhouette. I ran out of bias tape and so i left it incomplete to make it easier to re-do later.
Hand-crocheted Fringe turned out the best. They are secured by hand stitching onto the wire mask.
This is what is looks like when all the lights are lighted. The wire to conductive thread is not working, I have yet to figure out why, so that is another reason for in-completion.
I need to find a way to attach a boning to the back because now it is all sunken in. Tech is also in a mess, though all packed into a pocket.
As I said a mess.



Fashion Show Role & Contribution

I was one of the two that were going to handle the music for the fashion show. Unfortunately, I was not present for the last lesson and am not sure if anything about the themes were discussed. But I wanted to create soundscapes tailored for each garment to bring them into spatial realm. Perhaps cyberpunk inspired.

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