Ego – Process

This project really tested my patience…

Silent me + Meeting Best friends = Word Vomit
Gentle me + At home = Strong me

I tried to keep to the oriental Japanese theme of ninjas with a traditional Japanese building environment.

Emotionless me + Salmon = Happy Me

But here I couldn’t seem to find an appropriate background.

Small presence + In society = Getting stepped on

I realised I didn’t need to do a box collage as I originally planned because a 2D collage is good enough. There is no need to challenge the 2.5D aspect.


Spot Illustration (inspirations):

My draft was really cluttered and messy; there was too many elements and the design wasn’t consistent. So Mimi showed me some spot illustrations to help solve me problem and they were exactly what I had in mind. I just needed references!

I really like the use of solid colours as seen here.


Back to my own art:

Sketches for cut out. But then I realise the style was inconsistent and I didn’t like that.
Chosen style. I find it more adorable than the rest.
Ninja references
Talkative template
Strong Template
Salmon Template
Small Presence Template
Colour paper cut outs
More cut outs for layering

Testing out different coloured background
This looks better!
I tried different hair colour to see which had better contrast and aesthetic.
Left out the tutu because the one I printed was too big and lost the gentleness of the figure.
Also left out the cloud because I thought it could be plagiarizing. I wanted to cut out my own cloud. 🙁 You can still tell the happiness from the posture though. I just couldn’t carry out the visual metaphor of happiness; referencing the idiom “on cloud nine”.
Multiple print outs to find the right size