Mnemosyne’s Scent (Group)

Charrisa’s model (left), My model (right)

Charrisa’s Scent: Sea (Good)   Ladyfinger (Bad)

Me: Clean Clothes (Good)   Mopiko (Bad)

Both our models include a flower like piece and holes. Charrisa’s flower like piece is her good scent while her hole-dotted piece is the bad scent. My flower like piece is my bad scent combined with the hole-dots. We decided to do a fusion of good and bad scent and the concept will be of weaving.


Weaving Prototype:

We made the planes out of the individual strips from the flowery plastic piece. Mostly curve, twisted planes and one broken plane.

Intended use

We intended to make the prototype as a hood.

However, due to our choice of materials, we were limited by length and were unable to achieve the expected results. This led to some modifications and the results is our final product.

Materials: Felt and Thread


Final product:

Side view

D= large curve plane

The dominant was kept and enlarged from the prototype as it was a little too small in the prototype.

Top view

SD: twisted, bent and broken plane

The SDs are intertwine together for the mixture of good and bad scent.

Perspective 1

SO: complex plane

We used the piece that has both the flower form and hole-dots to link back to the origin and inspiration for the final product. Also the holes in the flowery piece makes it more of a sub-ordinate as compared to our idea of putting holes all over the product.

Perspective 2
Back view


Versatile Uses:

A head warmer


Groupmate’s OSS:



2D Planes

I made some 2D planes to visualize what the different 2D planes look like.

1. Straight Axis

2. Bent Axis

3. Curve Axis

4. Complex Axis

3D Planes

I also tried out the different types of 3D planes.

1. Curve

2. Broken

3. Twisted

4. Grouped

Prototype 1 & 2:

Using strips of different widths I tried to make an interesting composition. I end up cutting the strip which I was not suppose to. Thus the creation of prototype 3 and 4.

Prototype 1 front and back
Prototype 2 left and right
Prototype 2 front and back
Prototype 2 left and right

Prototype 3:


Dominant: twisted plane     Sub-dominant: curve/twisted plane     Sub-ordinate: Bent axis

Problem: Sub-dominant is too long.

Prototype 3 (Edited):

Sketch Analysis
View between the voids
Wedge and pierce joints


Prototype 4:


Dominant: Broken plane     Sub-dominant: twisted plane     Sub-ordinate: Straight axis

Problem: Sub-ordinate is too big. Looks like there are two sub-dominants.

Prototype 4 (Edited):

Sketch Analysis
View into spiral