Dominant, Sub-dominant & Sub-ordinate Part 2

Composition 1

Front and right
Left and back



I planned out the dimensions to avoid making similar volumes. The circumference of the sphere is around 1/3 of the base of the cone. The height of the cone is 1/3 < x< 1/2 to the diameter of the cylinder.

Sketch Analysis


Composition 2

Top, Left and right respectively


The diameter of the cylinder is 1/3 < x< 1/2 to the sphere. The diameter of the sphere is 1/3 < x< 1/2 to the cone and the heights are all also 1/3 < x< 1/2.

Although the proportions were approved, I can’t help feeling that the cylinder and cone are fighting for dominance. Perhaps I should lengthen the cylinder more.

Sketch analysis

Other sketches:

Author: Ying Hui

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One thought on “Dominant, Sub-dominant & Sub-ordinate Part 2”

  1. I feel that the issue with Composition 2 lies more with the sphere looking rather big compared with the diameter of the cylinder.  It probably needs to be reduced to 2/3 of its current size.

    If you feel that there is a tendency for the cone to be D and the cylinder SD, and it is your intention is to swop their hierarchy, it’s not about further lengthening the cylinder but rather either reducing the overall mass of the cone or increasing the diameter of the cylinder while reducing its length accordingly.

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