Ego – Final


The background colour is determined by other’s impression/emotion about me. And the clothes that the ninjas wear reflect their personality.

‘Silent Killer’ Reason no. 1: In Secondary School I met my best friend. There was once we went on a school trip to New Zealand, there was this really long bus ride from the countryside to the airport and we talked all the way. We talked about everything – food, dreams, myths, travel etc. Plus we both love drinking tea, thus the tea set.

Silent me is represented by the lightest and coolest colour of the monochromatic spectrum because there is not much energy in being silent. People around you do not really bother thus the background is of the same colour.  This shows how being quiet blends you into the background literally even though you are there.

Meeting my BFF is a joyful thing thus the pink background to show the warmth and happiness. Clothes turn half ninja for transition. Colour scheme for the BFF is the darker side of the spectrum to show her energy and confidence. Much more powerful as compared to me in the cooler spectrum.

Talkative me is represented by me in red which shows that I have changed from quiet to loud. I made the background the same as the first panel to display clear contrast between the two. Viewers automatically force to compare due to simultaneous contrast.


‘Silent Killer’ Reason no. 2: In School I am a rather gentle person and all my friends see as this meek fragile creature of which I represented with a graceful ballerina pose. But when I brought my friends home (represented by two parents forming a shelter with their bodies), their impression of me changed. They thought me violent after seeing my dominance over my siblings as I am the oldest child.

Gentle me is welcome by most people that I have met. They treat me well because of my good nature which was Pink. Again Gentle me is represented by the lightest and coolest colour of the monochromatic spectrum because there is not much energy. Its all very soft and pastel.

My parents are very loving and protective which is why they are represented in red representing their strength and power. I am crouching in between them  in pink and cream. A weakling protected by the powerful. Background is pink because home is full of comfort and warmth.

Strong me is represented by me in red, it is the same interpretation as in the first equation. The tiny ninja in the colour of the parents because they are suppose to be my siblings; also part of the family. The background is dark because this part is where it tainted the impression my friends had of me.


‘Silent Killer’ Reason no. 3: I have very specific interest and one of which is Salmon; my favorite food. Only with subject of interest will trigger my genuine expression. Everything else looks force and emotionless.

Here, the background and the colour of the ninja is the same because there is not much emotions in myself and in others. I wanted to show the emptiness of being emotionless that is why the background and the ninja is both in cream.

Perhaps for the Salmon dish panel I should replace myself in pink because I am excited to eat it. The background is still cream because the feeling is only exclusive to myself. The third panel uses the same idea.


‘Silent Killer’ Reason no. 4: This one is more of a personal interpretation. Ninja’s have small presences like me. Ninjas are strong but in my case I am weak. When I am out in society, I get stepped on by people because of that.

Small presence me is represented in red. The shell of my person is in pink so that it blends into the background. This is to show that despite my gentle and soft nature on the surface. I do have some fight in my. Also this is to show how my ‘real’ self is hidden and people fail to notice me most of the time.

In society is represented by a cream background because nobody really cares about strangers in public, less for someone you do not ‘see’. Other people are in pink because the people around me are usually caring and kind, even though some might just be strangers. I am in red for easy visual interpretation.

The getting stepped on panel is in dark red background because red is like a warning sign there is also meanings of anger, danger and malice. Some people take advantage of my good nature and even though I am in red. The red here reflects more of anger than power. Together with the background it is meant to show how I have been discarded and forgotten.


I got some pretty good suggestions during the crit such as putting a footprint over the ‘getting step on’ panel, cutting out the clothes and hair for ‘in society’ and more contrast for the last two equations. Even though the last 2 equations were meant to look subtracted into the background, I think some contrast would be good too. All that cutting really took a lot of time, I should have planned my time better and be more determine about working through the night. (Stop slacking off Hui!)

Comments were pretty good! They really liked the colour scheme, the cute art style, the mix medium and the portrayal of the equation. SUCCESS! All has paid off.

When I look back, I really like the results. But the process was guelling.


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