Dominant, Sub-dominant & Sub-ordinate

Pencil Holder

The red and green complementary colors play a role in the aesthetics of the object. The red part is the ‘flower’ and the green part is the ‘leaf’. The ‘flower’ is the Dominant (D). The ‘leaf’ is the Sub-dominant (SD) and the triangular cut out in the ‘leaf’ is the Sub-ordinate (SO).

2D Sketch Analysis

Four holes can be seen drilled into the ‘flower’ for inserting pencils. Due to their plurality, the four holes are considered to be another SD.

The ‘flower’ is obviously symmetrical. But because of the triangular cut out in the ‘leaf’, the object become asymmetrical.

There are many other details to an object that makes it interesting:

  • X, Y, Z axis
  • mass and voids
  • color
  • symmetry
  • texture
  • finishes
  • opacity
  • proportion
  • Rule of Third – It gives ‘breathing space’ and dynamic to the object, resulting it to be more aesthetically appealing. The ideal proportion should be: SO 1/3 of SD and SD 1/3 of D.

Author: Ying Hui

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  1. Red & Green are complementary colours making your ” Pencil holder” ? quite eye-catching. The red crown (D) is definitely symmetrical however combined with the green base (SD) which has a triangular recess (SO) the object becomes asymmetrical . From the topview the 4 holes due to their plurality appear to be another secondary (SD). Where/ how does the Rule of Third apply here Ying Hui?  I do not see it?

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