Intro to Interactive I

La maison sensible


– showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

“We wish to create a work capable of physical behaviors that can induce sensitive and caring behavior among spectators.”

The artwork become disturbed and hide when you’re aggressive, emerge when you’re gentle; like a creature of sort.

Identity Tapestry

There are 12 iterations of the identity tapestry, each has over 200 identity statements on laser-cut acrylic and over 200 individually dyed strands of yarn.

“The artwork starts out as a blank canvas. The participants will choose their yarn and wrap it around each statement that identifies them. At the end of each yarn is an anchoring stone as a mark of their identity as a part of this complex Identity Tapestry which is itself a portrait of that particular group of people in that time and place. “

You’re not alone.

I think the intention of this piece is to manifest the connections as seen in the intersecting yarns. Connection in terms of experience and thoughts; not physical relationship.

What makes interactive artwork so compelling, that people feel the irresistible need to touch it?

Is the experience only limited to the five senses? Could we push to manipulate curiosity, behavior and emotions like [La Maison Sensible]?

How does the result of the artwork affect the user?

Author: Ying Hui

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