L1 201 – Set Up

In this project, not only did I play the role of Sarah in the video, I was also mostly in-charge of setting up the installation along with Azizah. We had two elements to our installation – the locker and the video.

Installation (Locker):

Locker References

She was hardworking, obedient and a very sentimental person. She would keep things significant to the events that happened to the relationship and we wanted to reflect that in the installation. For Sarah’s locker, we were looking for something plain, practical and organised. Since she led 2 different lives we divided the locker into 2 with a shelf/stand.

Locker is labeled for audience to find it easily
Locker Installation

The top shelf is where she kept her academic belongings such as textbooks and assessment books or her calculator. The bottom shelf is where she hid her secret relationship. The top shelf being on eye level meant that visitors will see that first before venturing to the other sections of the locker; just like how Sarah kept her relationship secret.

Top shelf includes textbooks, umbrella, calculator and some paint, palettes and paint brushes.

Secret #1

The box is doodled to show Sarah’s artistic talent and her love for Denise. There are also subtle hints of their relationship on the box e.g. you can see 2 girls at 2 corners of the box.

Inside the movie memory box includes 2 bottles of empty coke, an empty popcorn carton and a Karaoke student membership card.

Secret #2

The jar of quotes dear to the couple that also links back to Sarah’s blog.

List of Quotes:

1) I don’t know how you are so familiar to me—or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are.

2) Every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before—in another time, a different place—some other existence.

3) I love you more than love allows.

4) “Here in time,
you are mine;
my heart has not
sung louder.

5) I do not know
why I love you so—
the clock knows not
its hour.”

6) I can’t get close enough.

7) Your smile sort of looks like it makes flowers grow

8) You are so special – how did the universe come up with you?

9) I try to think of a word that is closest to love, and the only thing that comes to mind is your name.

Secret #3

The calendar indicated the start, end and significant events in their relationship.

The Calendar starts with the current month – November because the locker the depiction of the present. The video in the past and the blog tells the full story.

Secret #4

Museum brochures. These are the outings that they’ve been on together. We made sure that brochures place within the duration of which they dated.

Secret #5

We also had a stalk of wilted red rose to show that their forlorn love is in the past. The flower was also carefully place beside the drawing of Denise in the sketchbook.

Installation (Video):

The site
Setting up projector on top of lockers

Originally we planned to display the video on the wall on the right. But the lockers were too high and because of the narrow space, the video was too small for the height.

Upside down problem
Projection is too small
Projection on curve pillar

We then thought to put our projection on the pillar to guide our audience towards the designated locker. This also solves the small projection problem as having it on a smaller surface area makes its size look just right. There is just too much empty space on the flat wall.

Projection on curve pillar (eye level)

I really like having the projection at a low level because of its obscurity but we decided to have it on eye level for easy viewing.

Unsteady chair for trial set up

We had trouble finding the right chairs for our set up. The first was too small and curvy to hold the projector upright. In the end we borrowed a chair and a stand from the drawing studio.

Final set up
Original Idea for video projection

We really liked the idea of projecting the video on a collage of pictures as if it is a flashback of memories. The images used were screenshots from the video.

Fail projection

Sadly it didn’t work because the images that we printed were too colourful and it fought for attention.

Images around projection

We had the pictured around the projection instead.

You can see more about our set up at Azizah’s post ->  https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/nura0069/interactive-storytelling-l1-201/

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