LOCALE: Site Analysis

Chosen Site: Pasir Panjang

I went into this project without any prior knowledge to my chosen location. I did not know where it was, what was there, how to get there, nothing. I did not even research about the location before visiting the site so the experience was literally base on first impressions.

First thing I realised at Pasir Panjang was that it was really hot, more so compared to other parts of mainland Singapore; or more specifically the area where I live. I agree with Shirley that Singapore is hot island-wide but while I exploring Pasir Panjang, my camera was heating up so much so that it was unable to focus.

First Trip

After alighting Pasir Panjang MRT, you will very quickly notice The Port of Singapore Authority (PSA); Pasir Panjang was along the coast, close to the sea.

This striking red building stood out from the grey industrial factories. There are some art hanging on the windows. The shop sells many antiques and the outside is full of strange unwanted trash. Also an interestingly shaped branch on its fence.


At this canal, we found a tortoise swimming in it.

I found this pun amusing and thought I could build my Zine around a narrative of a runaway garbage bin. But had second thoughts and changed my idea.

We had a drink after visiting the area. The owners were very nice and even chat with us after seeing us hang around taking photos.

Second Trip

There are lots of private houses along the main road.

Deeper into the maze of private housing there is a temple.

A bird call that I have never heard before. I suspected it was the bird in the cage because the sound could only be heard at this spot.

Can you see the bird?

This is the chirp that it makes.

Peculiar house surrounded by the same cactus.

A house with many fruit trees.

Wind Chime Houses which brought some magic into the area.

Again. Can you find it? The lizard is in there somewhere.

Also saw a squirrel on the way back.

Pandan smell on the way back. Labrador Park MRT stration is covered in Pandan leaves.


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