Micro-Project VI – A Day in the Life of Super-Participation


Groupmates: Desmond, May Thu, Joseph & Teri

Time: 11am 9/3/18 to 11am 10/3/18

For this activity we voted this day as our most interesting day of recess week. However, I think we did not share as actively as we should have. We mostly shared things that we were doing; all pretty trivial things such as going to class, going home, eating etc.

Joseph and I shared quite a lot, followed by May Thu and Teri. Desmond only started sharing after half a day had gone by. We also tried to comment on each others post as much as possible, most of which is reaction to the post. Sometimes we would ask about the shared information like where we were and what it was for.

I think the motivation behind this super-participation is to gain company for being alone, sharing joy and letting others know about your current status. Its always nice to let people know where you were in case you drop into a canyon and had to amputate your own arm. (127 Hours traumatized me)

Because we are all in different locations, we use the facebook page as an extension of our senses. It allow us to communicate and express ourselves in many different ways – text, stickers, videos, images etc. Through sharing we want to try and gain a reaction from others. It could be shock, empathy, sync emotions or amusement.

In my group I do not think anyone of us were trying to a certain persona by force but the things that we choose to share does reflect our personality and character.

Author: Ying Hui

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