Pandora: Final (Not)

With the use of actual materials, the Zing becomes much more distinct.

Front view

In the front view, the sub-ordinate is missing. Only the Dominant and sub-dominant could be seen so it seems that the sub-dominant is floating (at an angle). But how? Strange…

Side view 1
Side view 2

Even from the side view you can hardly tell what is actually going on. You see the sub-ordinate peeking out from the back but it does not answer your question of how the sub-dominant is floating.

Back view
Top view

The sub-ordinate can only be seen clearly from the top and back view. This is the ZING part where you go “oooooohhh~” and be amaze that a mere wire-frame can support such a ‘heavy stone’.

(If I have time, I will try to fix the tilted ‘marble’ block. Because now the entire structure is very loosely attached. Looks like it will fall over any minute.)

Author: Ying Hui

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3 thoughts on “Pandora: Final (Not)”

  1. Cool Ying Hui! 🙂 Umm yep! Try to see if you can ensure that the “marble” slab doesn’t tilt too much. From Side view2 , the SD width looks similar to the D width… See if you can correct the dimensions. You can also start thinking of a possible BIG & small application for your composition.

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