Pandora Revisited

Stack     Offset     Split

Prototype 1
Prototype 2
Prototype 3






Prototype 1:

Front Elevation
Side Elevations












Prototype 2:

Side Elevation






Other Elevation






Prototype 3 (Final):







Latex – Plaster cast






Took multiple tries to get the right amount of plaster







Silicon Cast:

Arrangement 1
Arrangement 2 (chosen)






Silicon cast (wet)
Silicon cast (dry)






The silicon cast did not come out to well in my opinion. My clay modules had a convex surface thus the silicon leaked under. I did try to cover it up with the hot glue gun but it did not work. But that was an easy fix. I snipped away all the unwanted surface with a scissors.

Also due to limited amount of materials the top of my mold is too thin which poses some risk to freezing the ice.

Elevation & Section







It was a failure! I should have trimmed the ends smaller so it would not trap the ice. So I had to take it apart one by one for the last photograph.

Author: Ying Hui

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  1. A lot of hard work put in there Yinghui! 🙂 Great job with the drawings too. However, the rather sporadic layout makes it rather difficult to appreciate all the effort put in… perhaps you could relook at this for your next post? Think D, SD and SO when composing your page so that the focus is on the right elements. AT the moment it feels like a bunch of ‘scattered SOs’ in space. DO also try to resolve the issue with the ice-removal from the silicon mold and perhaps have another go at the ice-making? Thanks.

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