Rolling Pin

Product: Rolling Pin

Medium: Plywood and Reclaimed Pine

Finish: hand-waxed

Rolling Pin: W 50mm x L 300mm x H 50 mm.

Course: DR2009 Products in Asian Cultural Context (AY 2019-20, Semester 1)

Project’s title: Rolling pin and its suspending components

Designed & made by: Tan Ying Hui (U1730916L)

Photographed by: Tan Ying Hui (2019)


Project’s description

18 lines is achieved in the segments, an auspicious number set by the folds of soup dumpling. The lines include the edge of the pin, representing the concept of unity in Dim Sum culture. While dimensions were intended to be multiples of 5 – following the 5 Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Despite the gradation, the ends – almost equal in width, uses two different materials; maintaining an illusion of balance. It is also obtained through the gradation countered by the direction of tapered, which applies to the orientation of the bead as well. The twisted cotton cord plays its part by continuing the lines – connecting the pin to the bead.

The pin may also be hung by the handle or stand vertically for storage. The handle is removable, so when rolling it may be removed and replaced after wash. As the process of making soup dumpling skin requires rolling pins of various thickness, the tapered edge fulfills that in a single product.

The rolling pin is designed to the preparation of the skin of soup dumplings. It can be used to roll out dough and the larger end can flatten a dough ball to an estimated palm size. The material choice is also more affordable and sustainable as compared to the use of solid wood, fitting to the use of several segments.

Full Doumentation: Rolling Pin’s E-Journal_DR2009 AY2019-20_Sem1_TAN YING HUI

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Author: Ying Hui

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