Final Project (Solo)

Group members: Niki, Teri, Si Hui, May Thu

The process for this final project was full of bumps. My group hit multiple road blocks and we had many set backs. Since this project was set to be site specific, we decided to pick out a location first, then work from there. But the problem with this method was that we got too caught up with the site itself and lost the objective and narrative of the game.

In our first official test run we had an entirely different idea with a futuristic dystopian narrative of runaway AI robots. It was essentially an advance version of the game of Catch; a mission-completing, Amazing Race type game. The guards that were chasing the AIs will be tracking them with the joint-instagram account as surveillance. While the AIs had to upload their location and complete tasks that would eventually lead them to Paradise.

My role in the game was to facilitate the AI, feeding him clues to the next location and reminding him to update his location. To put it simply it was very hectic. I was juggling four group chats at once plus there was problems with the internet connection at Bugis street which was probably interrupted by the heavy rain.

It seems we did not solidify our ideas properly or my explanation was just poor. The player did not understand the gist of the game and I had to clear things up on the chat which took away from the narrative.

Because we wanted to conduct interactions between strangers, the player was alone and was not enjoying the game at all. After the interview with the players, we found that the instagram feed was useless to the Guard and we did not have an end- goal which was the reason why my player was so confused.

We concluded that our set up was too ambitious because to fulfill all the requirements of DIWO, glitch and third space together with this narrative and site we needed more manpower, equipment and time. So whilst simplifying the game, we ended up with the end product SONDER.

We wanted to keep and focus on our original concept of interaction between strangers and I think the Symposium played a significant role in our final ideation as Matt Adams – the co-founder of Blast Theory was invited to speak. He made some really good points about his work, mainly My Neck of the Woods, Uncle Roy All Around You and also Kidnap. All three had the element of blurring the lines between reality and fiction that was our group wanted to incorporated into SONDER.

You may refer to this link for the full chat

This hovering between real and fake was achieved in SONDER where the first run was a more serious conversation mixed in with some lies as compared to the second run where the exchange was completely pretend. The objective of the game (drawing a portrait of the other person) was strengthen with a question “Do you want to meet the person you are talking to?” at the end of the train ride. If the questions prompted by the Breadbot were at a more personal level, I think the outcome of the portraits would become more meaningful as we could really see the first impression to someone’s personality.

I realised after participating in SONDER, when interacting with someone their appearance and mannerism influence our impression significantly. To really get to know a person in real life we have to first overcome their looks. If not for SONDER, Si Hui would not have talked and met Yi Lin because he avoids contact. I would never have talked to Cheng because he is such an extrovert.

Anonymity in the third space is unique to it own; a voice without sound coaxes  one to become more expressive than they really are; even if it was pretend. During the presentation the question “Would you have become friends?” and my answer was no because I do not speak as fluently as in the chat, you cannot pause and delete your words in real life. I also do not have the courage to make stupid jokes that I shamelessly made in the chat so having exposed myself in the chat I would not want to become friends as I have been thoroughly embarrassed.

The third space chat allows for anonymity; voice without sound which coaxes  people to become more expressive than they really are; even if it was pretend. During the presentation the question “Would you have become friends?” and my answer was no because I do not speak as fluently as in the chat, you cannot pause and delete your words in real life. I also do not have the courage to make stupid jokes that I shamelessly made in the chat so having exposed myself in the chat I would not want to become friends as I have been thoroughly embarrassed.

Final Project (Group)

Discarded Idea 1: 

  • DIMENSION 2390

    A mission-complete type game with a futuristic dystopian narrative.

In the year 2570, humanity has attained the technology to upload consciousness into machines. The lower ranks have been turned into AI robots to slave away for the elites.  The code is absolute but there is a 0.001% chance that AIs will regain self-awareness. These Renegade AIs will attempt to runaway to Dimension 2390; safe haven/paradise for the AIs.

Location: Bugis Street

Players: 3 Renegade + 3 Guards

Guard’s Goal: Catch their paired Renegade using instagram clues

Renegade’s Goal: Complete missions to escape to Dimension 2390 without being caught.

How it works:

  1. Catchers have to track and catch their runner through image clues posted on the joint instagram account
  2. All players have access to joint instagram account
  3. There are mission stations along the route 
  4. If they complete the mission in a certain amount of time, they will receive points/powers? Punishments if the runners are unable to complete their missions?
  5. Document them at the stations (before and after mission?)
  6. Upon suspecting that someone is the runner, catchers will use a code word to verify person (is this a glitch?)
  7. Players will be staggered throughout the 3 storeys.

Secret codes:

  • [The grass is always greener…] […on the ADM rooftop.]
  • [Coffee, tea, or…] […teriyaki?]
  • [Birds of a feather…] […cockblock together.]


  • Surveillance Hack: At square area in the middle of the 3rd floor
    • Show photo and ask them to find something that costs ( ? )
    • Make the photo a jigsaw puzzle, hide it in a box, somewhere in bugis
    • $23.90 = CD.JA
  • Disguise: Anywhere on the 1st floor
    • Take a picture in front of a mirror trying on a ugly piece of clothing
  • Fifty Shades of Lei: Sex shop on the 1st floor
      • Ask a stranger to help them take a photo outside the adult store
      • ‘SEND NUDES’ in a scrambled jumble: A romantic two-word r crfcrc millennial phrase used to express their feelings.
  • Tattoo: Have strangers try to copy a picture of a tattoo and draw it on their forearm on the 2nd floor
    • Find a shop where people make memories permanent. Search for a pen (that looks like a spring roll).
  • Lady Killer: Anywhere on the 2nd floor
    • Beta mode: We don’t have a hint for you so here’s your mission straight up: Head to the 2nd floor and find a shop owner. Film yourself winking at one of them and prompt them to wink back.
  • Portal: Stairwell
      • Congratulations — you have completed all your missions! The portal is now open for your escape.
      • Proceed to Level 2. Find this place:

Comments on Dimension 2390:

  • Missions should depend on the theme of the game
  • Should involve teams instead of one person —> The thrill of competing with someone you know.
  • Catcher go through missions to gain visual descriptions of the other player/Runner go through missions to gain superpowers to stun the catchers
  • Hider stays at one level but catcher goes to all levels —> Can deceive but the hider cannot change location
  • Add clues
  • Collaborations between the catchers and collab between the runner
  • Try tweeting words instead of insta pictures
  • Try disguising our Go Pro with a snack box :’)
  • Facilitators hold the GoPro?
  • Missions: Need to be more interesting
  • What is the theme of the game? Interacting with strangers//fashion//sci-fi!!!!
  • TAKE OUT SUBJECTIVE MISSIONS —> Switch to more of like hunting//searching kind of games
  • Instructions must must must be clear —> runner was confused
  • Maybe when the runner is caught —> They become catchers////Facils film the catchers whereas runner him themselves


Other Ideas:

RPG game 

  • Real life arcade game where we are the characters that the players control

Pillow Talk

  • 2 strangers have an intimate conversation with one another
  • Separated by bed sheet / different rooms
  • Communicate by passing written notes / slipping it under the door

BUNC Hostel

  • Version 1: No-escape room
    • Max players: 4 pairs of 2 = 8ppl
    • Pair: (inside) & (outside)
      • Game host explain fake rules to all players of 4.
      • (inside) and (outside) Players enter the game with extra secret solo missions that clashes.  
      • Watch the game fall into chaos.
  • Version 2: Dead of Winter inspired
    • Each player in one bed
    • Each bed is a different fort with different supplies, covered by a bedsheet
    • All players have a common goal but also a personal mission to accomplish
    • We act as the people who deliver the bad news / crisis
  • Version 3: Us versus Them
    • We watch players from a screen outside
    • Goal of the game is to escape the room
    • One of us pretend to be a tourist and act as both a player and spy for us
    • While everyone tries to escape the room, our spy will stir shit and prevent them from escaping
  • Version 4:
    • 1 bed fort, camera will film only the bed
    • Play with other occupants in the room
    • 2 players can enter at one time
    • Both will have different roles
  • Version 5:
    • 4 beds, 4 players
    • Maximum 2 hours
    • Use telegram as means of a third space / QR code
    • Covering of bed
    • Fake mission -> real mission / they are not fully aware of parts of the mission
  • Version 6: ‘Prop Hunt’ IRL
    • Collective insta-account
    • Looking for each other
    • One player can only move 5j steps at a time / hop on one leg / lie

Previous References:

  • Shed at Dulwich 
    • Fake restaurant that made it to the top of Trip Advisor
    • People order from a menu of moods rather than actual food names
  • Butler Cafes in Japan 
    • Waiters play along with the customers’ narrative about their day’s schedule
  • Big Brother Survival Game >
    • CCTV concept
    • TV Audience watches the players and votes them out
    • Betrayal and human dynamics


Group Members:

Pandora Revisited

Stack     Offset     Split

Prototype 1
Prototype 2
Prototype 3






Prototype 1:

Front Elevation
Side Elevations












Prototype 2:

Side Elevation






Other Elevation






Prototype 3 (Final):







Latex – Plaster cast






Took multiple tries to get the right amount of plaster







Silicon Cast:

Arrangement 1
Arrangement 2 (chosen)






Silicon cast (wet)
Silicon cast (dry)






The silicon cast did not come out to well in my opinion. My clay modules had a convex surface thus the silicon leaked under. I did try to cover it up with the hot glue gun but it did not work. But that was an easy fix. I snipped away all the unwanted surface with a scissors.

Also due to limited amount of materials the top of my mold is too thin which poses some risk to freezing the ice.

Elevation & Section







It was a failure! I should have trimmed the ends smaller so it would not trap the ice. So I had to take it apart one by one for the last photograph.

L1 201 – Final


Password: 123


Video Production here:


Locker Secrets explained here:


Group Mates OSS: