Obscure City of Voids – Mood Box (Group)



The majority of my group chose to do composition 2 for our individual mood boxes because we really liked the sound of the metallophone ringing into the ‘void’. It was a better choice than the first that was just continuous sounds which did not provide any voids/breathing space. It would have been too cluttered. Plus we can’t create a city of voids without a void to begin with.


Final Model:

Labeled Moodbox


The zig-zaggie block is represented by a twisted wiremesh roll curling upwards because we felt that the sound was building up to the metallophone ‘ding’ at the end.

The metallophone is represented by a cotton ‘cloud’ as we favored my idea of metallophone as the sound of clouds. The cloud is peeking out of the box because we liked Fendi’s interpretation of the sound peeking out of the box as ringing into the void.

The rhythm sticks are directly translated with pairs of bamboo chopsticks intercepting the twisted wiremesh roll.

The banana shaker is represented by shards of blue acrylic because we felt that it sounds like rain. Thus, we hung them in a downward motion as if cutting through the void.


Production Process:

To save cost, we mainly used the materials found around the workshop.

1. The frame

We made a frame out of some timber sticks to help suspend our model as sound is travels through space.

2. Cutting wiremesh with difficulty

We chose to use wiremesh because it has a criss-cross texture. When scratched it produces a similar sound to the zig-zaggie block; achieving the acoustic effect that we wanted. We had to soften the wire with the heat gun and cut slowly because there was a problem with the wire cutter.

3. Rolling wiremesh with great effort

The wiremesh was really hard and rolling it took great effort.

4. Twisting the wiremesh roll with the help of the heat gun

So, we used the heat gun to help soften it while we roll.

5. Widening wiremesh hole with soldering iron to make space for chopstick

Since the holes were too small, we had to widen them with the soldering iron to fit the chopsticks.

6. Poking holes into acrylic shards with soldering iron

We soldered holes into the acrylic shards to thread fishing line through them.

7. Putting it together

The top of the wiremesh opens up to look like its ‘fading’ into the void. The fishing line was nearly invisible and it gave the illusion that our model was floating. The wiremesh sat well in between the fishing lines. And we made sure that the acrylic shards were hung in a downwards motion; creating some rhythm at the same time for aesthetic purposes.

8. Rolling out the cotton balls

We used cotton balls as the cloud. Rolling them up, tearing them apart and putting them back together to get that fluffy effect. We also tried to make it fade in and out but somehow we could not get the desired results. The cotton couldn’t stand in place for a faded upward look.

9. fixing on the cloud

Making sure all parts are covered and everything is in place.


Other perspectives:

low angle view


Here you can see how the wire-mesh rises and builds up to the cloud. You can also see the acrylic shards falling downward as well as the chopstick interrupting the void.

a close up

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Ego – Final


The background colour is determined by other’s impression/emotion about me. And the clothes that the ninjas wear reflect their personality.

‘Silent Killer’ Reason no. 1: In Secondary School I met my best friend. There was once we went on a school trip to New Zealand, there was this really long bus ride from the countryside to the airport and we talked all the way. We talked about everything – food, dreams, myths, travel etc. Plus we both love drinking tea, thus the tea set.

Silent me is represented by the lightest and coolest colour of the monochromatic spectrum because there is not much energy in being silent. People around you do not really bother thus the background is of the same colour.  This shows how being quiet blends you into the background literally even though you are there.

Meeting my BFF is a joyful thing thus the pink background to show the warmth and happiness. Clothes turn half ninja for transition. Colour scheme for the BFF is the darker side of the spectrum to show her energy and confidence. Much more powerful as compared to me in the cooler spectrum.

Talkative me is represented by me in red which shows that I have changed from quiet to loud. I made the background the same as the first panel to display clear contrast between the two. Viewers automatically force to compare due to simultaneous contrast.


‘Silent Killer’ Reason no. 2: In School I am a rather gentle person and all my friends see as this meek fragile creature of which I represented with a graceful ballerina pose. But when I brought my friends home (represented by two parents forming a shelter with their bodies), their impression of me changed. They thought me violent after seeing my dominance over my siblings as I am the oldest child.

Gentle me is welcome by most people that I have met. They treat me well because of my good nature which was Pink. Again Gentle me is represented by the lightest and coolest colour of the monochromatic spectrum because there is not much energy. Its all very soft and pastel.

My parents are very loving and protective which is why they are represented in red representing their strength and power. I am crouching in between them  in pink and cream. A weakling protected by the powerful. Background is pink because home is full of comfort and warmth.

Strong me is represented by me in red, it is the same interpretation as in the first equation. The tiny ninja in the colour of the parents because they are suppose to be my siblings; also part of the family. The background is dark because this part is where it tainted the impression my friends had of me.


‘Silent Killer’ Reason no. 3: I have very specific interest and one of which is Salmon; my favorite food. Only with subject of interest will trigger my genuine expression. Everything else looks force and emotionless.

Here, the background and the colour of the ninja is the same because there is not much emotions in myself and in others. I wanted to show the emptiness of being emotionless that is why the background and the ninja is both in cream.

Perhaps for the Salmon dish panel I should replace myself in pink because I am excited to eat it. The background is still cream because the feeling is only exclusive to myself. The third panel uses the same idea.


‘Silent Killer’ Reason no. 4: This one is more of a personal interpretation. Ninja’s have small presences like me. Ninjas are strong but in my case I am weak. When I am out in society, I get stepped on by people because of that.

Small presence me is represented in red. The shell of my person is in pink so that it blends into the background. This is to show that despite my gentle and soft nature on the surface. I do have some fight in my. Also this is to show how my ‘real’ self is hidden and people fail to notice me most of the time.

In society is represented by a cream background because nobody really cares about strangers in public, less for someone you do not ‘see’. Other people are in pink because the people around me are usually caring and kind, even though some might just be strangers. I am in red for easy visual interpretation.

The getting stepped on panel is in dark red background because red is like a warning sign there is also meanings of anger, danger and malice. Some people take advantage of my good nature and even though I am in red. The red here reflects more of anger than power. Together with the background it is meant to show how I have been discarded and forgotten.


I got some pretty good suggestions during the crit such as putting a footprint over the ‘getting step on’ panel, cutting out the clothes and hair for ‘in society’ and more contrast for the last two equations. Even though the last 2 equations were meant to look subtracted into the background, I think some contrast would be good too. All that cutting really took a lot of time, I should have planned my time better and be more determine about working through the night. (Stop slacking off Hui!)

Comments were pretty good! They really liked the colour scheme, the cute art style, the mix medium and the portrayal of the equation. SUCCESS! All has paid off.

When I look back, I really like the results. But the process was guelling.

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Mnemosyne’s Scent (Group)

Charrisa’s model (left), My model (right)

Charrisa’s Scent: Sea (Good)   Ladyfinger (Bad)

Me: Clean Clothes (Good)   Mopiko (Bad)

Both our models include a flower like piece and holes. Charrisa’s flower like piece is her good scent while her hole-dotted piece is the bad scent. My flower like piece is my bad scent combined with the hole-dots. We decided to do a fusion of good and bad scent and the concept will be of weaving.


Weaving Prototype:

We made the planes out of the individual strips from the flowery plastic piece. Mostly curve, twisted planes and one broken plane.

Intended use

We intended to make the prototype as a hood.

However, due to our choice of materials, we were limited by length and were unable to achieve the expected results. This led to some modifications and the results is our final product.

Materials: Felt and Thread


Final product:

Side view

D= large curve plane

The dominant was kept and enlarged from the prototype as it was a little too small in the prototype.

Top view

SD: twisted, bent and broken plane

The SDs are intertwine together for the mixture of good and bad scent.

Perspective 1

SO: complex plane

We used the piece that has both the flower form and hole-dots to link back to the origin and inspiration for the final product. Also the holes in the flowery piece makes it more of a sub-ordinate as compared to our idea of putting holes all over the product.

Perspective 2
Back view


Versatile Uses:

A head warmer

Prev: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/ytan149/mnemosynes-scent-part-1-2/

Groupmate’s OSS: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/chew0360/

Forrest Gump – The Beautiful Mind

The Beautiful Mind

In the movie, John Nash enrolled into Princeton University and did not attend any of his classes. Instead he went around looking to prove different situations with mathematics. This was what he said to reason his absence in class.


Idea 1
Idea 1 (diff background)

Key words:

  1. The spiderweb representing the dull mind because in places that are abandoned and untouched for a long time there tend to have many spiderwebs.
  2. A broken light-bulb with an explosion in the background to represent the destroyed creativity.
  3. The class is represented by the worm; refering to the bookworm. And the hammer to break the light bulb – destroyed creativity
  4. the sheep’s eye because sheeps are followers representing the lack of originality.

This design is also too hard to read so it was rejected.

Idea 2

Okay. So let’s restart the thought process…

Creativity is often represented by a light-bulb or colors of the rainbow. (because when I googled ‘creativity’ that is all that pops up) The idea of a light-bulb does not really work because you cannot tell whether it is switched on or off. Also from Idea 1, the use of a broken light bulb did not work out too well.

So I settled for another source of light – a flame.

Classes… When I think of classes i think of teachers, books, whiteboard, blackboard, projectors, students, school uniforms, stacks of notes etc. I could have a classroom setting which would be much easier to distinguish. In idea 2, I used a student sitting at his desk to refer to being in class.

And for the ‘dulling of the mind’, I place a hand in a pinching action about to extinguish the flame.

Idea 2.1

Idea 2 has all the elements needed however, I feel that the “Classes will dull your mind” part is still not quite right. I tried an already extinguished candle to show the dulled mind. Also removing the hand and adding a whiteboard with maths equations all over in reference to the film.

(At this point I realise I have been replacing the heads all throughout my first few other quotes. But this is the only way I know how to translate the quote.)

Idea 2.2

I also thought the “destroy the potential for authentic creativity” part was lacking. So I changed it up a little bit. There is another student in the back with his candle lit, meaning his creativity is still alive in contrast to the student seated at the table whose light is blown out.

The trees in the back ground is to contrast the outside and inside of the classroom. Then I thought the background is a little too much as there is not much ‘breathing space’. I am not sure…

Idea 2.3
Idea 2.4

I switched the direction of the student behind because they are suppose to be from different spaces. And maybe their clothes should be different because wearing a uniform is associated to being in class.

Idea 2.5

I don’t need to plant the candle on the person. just someone extinguishing the candle flame.

Idea 3

I had been replacing a lot of heads and thought I should move away from that idea. Simplifying my idea 2 to just the significant elements – candle, hand, math. Does this say “Classes will dull your mind, destroy the potential for authentic creativity. “?

More like math kills creativity.

Idea 4

I re-interpreted the quote- John Nash was trying to think out of the box/ classroom and be original which led to idea 4.

Idea 4.1

Then I tried making a juxtaposed between inside and outside the classroom. The design became too cluttered with too many objects. It is too messy.

Idea 5

So then I did only the inside. I wanted to show a woodcutter cutting down a light bulb to reflect the destruction of idea. The use of the woodcutter is to tie into the human figure element that I wanted to carry on throughout the series. Idea 5 is still too complicated and due to time constraint I was force to submit this.


Basically the idea is there, the design is just not resolved. Therefore it does not tie in with the other 3 designs. Joel did a good job interpreting the quote. He used books to represent classes. But personally I feel that books represented education more than classes. As the class that John Nash mentioned referred to being enclosed in the classroom listening to the lecturer. He wanted to go out and look for his own original idea therefore a single educational element could not display the meaning of class for me. Thus the usage of a box because thinking out of the box. If I have more time, I would give it more thought and hopefully create something better.

Prev: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/ytan149/forrest-gump-paranorman/


Forrest Gump – Paranorman


The quote was suppose to be :

“If you were bigger and more stupid, you’d probably be a bully too. Its called survival of the biggest.”

I am not sure why the subtitles are a little different – thickest instead of biggest. But the idea is about the same.

Norman has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. And because of his ability he is being discriminated in his neighborhood. He is also being bullied in school, where the bully named Alvin (a boy much bigger in size than Norman) wrote ‘FREAK’ on his locker; there was also a scene before this where he was pushed down to the ground. Alvin being the tallest and biggest in size as compared to his other bullying companions is the leader of the group. Therefore “survival of the biggest.”

A 1984 Stock photo

So basically, the quote is saying that bigger and stupid people pick on those that are much smaller and smarter. People with brains vs people without brains. (head made out of straws) The idea of the bigger bullying the smalland ‘keeping them in line’ reminds me of the novel 1984 by George Orwell, where the authorities would put up huge posters everywhere to intimidate and remind the party that they were being watch at all times. In conclusion, proportion will be significant in this design.

While looking through artist John Heartfield’s artworks, I found one that displayed proportion which I could use for reference. The image is taken from http://www.johnheartfield.com/John-Heartfield-Exhibition/about-john-heartfield-photomontages/dada-political-art-history/heartfield-context-7

Idea 1

The first idea I had was to have a big, fat man and a skinny small man. The smaller man is holding a skull with its mouth open as if it is talking in reference to the movie where Norman communicates with ghosts. The big fat man is also kicking the smaller man to represent the ‘bullying’.

This idea lacks a part of the quote about being bullies being bigger and stupid. Being big is portrayed but not the stupidity. Also I think the communication with spirits is not obvious with just the skull floating out of no where. It would probably be better in the whole skeleton is there to also react to the smaller man. Another thing is that the smaller man might need to have a more dramatic reaction to being kick…

Idea 1.1

I changed the skull to a skeleton and switch the kneeling figure for a standing one. They are both looking at each other which shows more interaction. I had the leg of the bigger man about to kick the smaller man but it is not so obvious. He looks like he is peacefully walking pass in the back ground.

Idea 1.2

So I tried one that looks like he is about to trample on the small man.

Idea 1.3

Bringing up the idea of the human evolution from Idea 2;  earlier homo-sapiens = less intelligent.

Idea 1.4

Big man is wearing a straw hat. A metaphor for someone without brains; stupid. This too was too cryptic. No one could understand.

Idea 1.5

I shrunk the size of his face in an attempt to stupefy him. I asked around and it was not approved.

Idea 1.6

I tried making the eyes bigger… nope.

Selected Idea

Finally I decided on making his eyes cartoon which shows that he has low IQ.


Human Evolution
Idea 2

The second idea is to make a parody out of the human evolution because “survival of the biggest”. I continued using the principle of proportion to show that the more evolve they become the larger they get; both width and height.  It is still incomplete as there is no sign of the “If you were bigger and more stupid”. Also the tote bag is vertical, a horizontal composition cannot work.

Idea 2.1

To apply the idea of bigger=dumber, I changed the heads of the bigger people to the heads of the earliest homonin. (since it is under the theme of human evolution.  The supernatural part where Norman communicates with spirits must also be added to relate back to the movie.

Selected Idea

So I added some skeletons sky driving down to the human which represents Norman.  I like this design better than the first. But the skeletons might be have too little white spaces, everything might come out black when printed.

Un-cropped design


In the end…

Selected Idea Final

Idea 1 was more simple and easy to understand as compared to idea 2. To solidify the entire design, I added a setting to it just like the Beauty and the Beast design. The background brings in the scene from the movie where Norman was bullied in the school locker hallway.



The only problem here is that many could not understand the purpose of the skeleton and that is because they need to watch the movie to know. I guess the design can do without the skeleton but I need it to tie back to the context of the movie. Overall, this is design is extremely successful as this got the most comments, and positive ones too.

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Forrest Gump – Beauty and the Beast (2017)

“No! He means forever. Apparently, that’s what happens around here when you pick a flower.”

In the scene that the quote was used, Maurice (Belle’s father) was imprisoned by the beast after being caught red handed, stealing a single Rose from the Castle garden. Everything in the Castle’s boundary is cursed upon by the sorceress that the Prince insulted. The people, the weather even the rose that he picked ‘froze’ in time until the day the beast finds the true love.

I chose this quote because I found it humorous. it is actually the entire movie in one sentence. “Forever” because the castle is cursed until the Prince falls in love or they’ll be curse forever.  “Apparently, that’s what happens around here when you pick a flower.” It is referring to the moment the Prince turned the sorceress away because he thought her ugly. He was picky.

Idea 1

The first idea is Maurice’s skeleton holding the rose behind bars. This is very direct. The imprisoned skeleton means he has been in there for a long time that might as well be forever; it was forever for the man anyway because he is already dead. The flower is there but I don’t think it tells you that he is in there because he picked the flower. So maybe I should make it so that he triggers a trap and got imprisoned?  Also you cannot see the skeleton holding the flower.


Idea 2
Idea 2.1

In the context of the scene, Belle was offering to take Maurice place behind bars for the rest of her life. Maurice being a loving father refused and tried scare her away from giving up her freedom. He is trying to say that she will be trap forever if she admits to picking the flower because that is what happens in that castle. It is meant to be a threat or a warning.

It depicts a literal action of picking a flower. The flower being caught on the bear trap will catch the thief between its teeth, trapping him.

Idea 3
MRT Warning Signs

Idea 3 is of the same concept as Idea 2 but in the form of a sign. I used our local MRT warning signs as a reference, so this is a parody of the official signs. The fine being $Forever because the beasts wants to keep belle forever, the cost of picking the flower is forever. As we are trying to achieve full visual without text, this idea was disqualified.


Idea 4
Idea 4.1
Idea 4.2
Idea 4.3
Lobster Telephone 1936 Salvador Dal? 1904-1989 Purchased 1981 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T03257

I was very interested in the idea of a surrealistic object and wanted to try it out; resulting in Idea 4 – a Venus rose trap. If you were to pick such a flower, the claw would catch you between its teeth just like the bear trap would. But then i realized that because the flower is in a pot it can be handled and moved anywhere which then leads to idea 5.

Idea 5
Idea 5.1

The idea is there but something is off. Design is still not resolved as the object is just floating in space. There is no contrast and the rose seems to blend into the Venus fly trap. Venus flytrap is ugly.

Idea 6

Going back idea 2, I changed the hand to hands to reflect the quotes intention that is to prevent the daughter from taking his punishment. So in idea 6, the father stops the daughter from taking the flower on the bear trap that will harm her.

Selected Idea Final

I wanted to unify all my designs by including an element constant throughout all 4 of them – human figure. Therefore the idea of surrealistic object is rejected. On the night before submission, I was hit with a woosh of inspiration and created Idea 7. (Selected idea final)

I brought the hand from Idea 2 with the rest of the body. A table and the floor to set a scene so that the girl is rooted down to the ground and not just floating in space. The idea goes the same for the table – to root down the bear trap. I added an extra element that is the sparkles, to represent the enchantment in the castle.


Design is resolved! A success!

(Same comment as Clockwork Orange design)

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Forrest Gump – Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange

The quote i picked out was actually “When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.” But the screenshot I took from the movie came with the previous sentence so… please just ignore that part 🙂


Idea 1

When a man is not recognized and respected as one, his existent is similar of that of a chicken. We commonly know chicken as a ‘brainless’ animal and uses it as an insult to call others stupid. A waiter’s job is so serve the customer. In this case the waiter is serving chicken meat, meat of his own kind, What i am trying to communicate is that he might as well be a chicken, a livestock. Doing whatever he is told and not a thought of his own.


Idea 2

Here, I broke down the quote in to its key words.

1. Choose

The first definition that appears when I google the word ‘Choose’ is – to pick out (someone or something) as being the best or most appropriate of two or more alternatives. I immediately thought of chess and games where you make appropriate choices for your survival and victory.

2. Ceases

It means to come or bring to an end. So I used ropes to bind the player to prevent him from playing.

3. Man

The man in this quote refers to mankind and not the male gender specifically. When one ceases to be a man, then what is he? An animal? Livestock? Monster? I made used of the chicken from the previous idea.

This idea end up being too complicated and cryptic. Also it would be better if the imagery is related to the movie.


Idea 3

Idea no. 3 is base on the context of the movie. The protagonist went through a torturous experiment to fix his notorious behavior and after that, whenever he had a thought or will to harm anyone ever so slightly he would get a terrible nauseous headache.

The elements in the background – the cage and the iron maiden are signifies the torture and restriction. There are hands applauding the “puppet show” because the experiment in the movie was approved by the society as a cure to bad behavior. The person controlling the “puppet”‘s movement is Beethoven because his 9th symphony the second movement was used to control his emotions. So it is like Beethoven is conducting his movements.

The cage and iron maiden in the background were a little excessive because the puppeteer concept already implies control and restriction.

Here is a titbit – Beethoven’s Symphony no. 9. Perhaps listen to it while looking at my design. Hahaha. 🙂


Selected idea

This is the selected idea but I have to finish the story; it only tells the part where the man cannot choose. The part where he ceases to be a man is still missing. So I thought to combine the anthropomorphism idea to degrade the status of a man.

Selected idea iteration 1

The half-chicken half-man is not very obvious. The chicken’s head is too small.

Selected idea iteration 2

Since I cannot replace the head of the man with the head of the chicken as it would be too small to be identified, I placed a chicken in the background and link it to the “puppet” with the rooster’s tail attached to him. In this way, viewers can tell that he is becoming a chicken.

Selected idea iteratioin 3

I thought maybe it is quite hard to relate to the rooster because in the previous iteration; the tail cannot be seen. So I added one more rooster in the background, this time showing parts of the tail.

Selected idea iteration 4

Then I thought I should show the entirety of the chicken. But it looks out of place and odd.

Selected Idea Final

I went back to iteration 2 because I thought seeing the head and tail of the rooster at the same time on 2 separate bodies would tie them together more distinctly than the others. To emphasize the degrading status of being a man, I added the rooster’s crown onto the “puppet”.

Final in 190 x 250mm

(I had another Idea to “demote” the man into a woman because there was the topic of rape in the field. But thought it might be too offensive.)



See the thing is if you can tell that he is a puppet, there is no need for strings! 😀Design is resolved! A success!Good use of negative space?

Next: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/ytan149/forrest-gump-beauty-and-the-beast-2017/


She ate it.

Genre: Mystery, Horror


The story that we came up with, after combining all of our ideas, is of a shy introvert who who transferred into a new school. Little did she know it was quite a peculiar one.

In the story we were dealing with social anxiety – the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. Therefore there is a lot of literal running in my version.

Storyboard part 1
Storyboard part 2
Storyboard part 3
Storyboard part 4


Scene I

We planned the intro to introduce the topic of social anxiety as well as the 2 main characters – the girl and the fox. I suggested to make use of a cutaway shot that I saw from the stop motion movie Paranorman (as seen below).

Cutaway shot from Paranorman

Cutaway shots seems to be a very common in horror films. It can show that something is there and after it cuts away and cut back it is gone and that disappearing act makes people freak out. I thought this could be used in the intro to set the mood of fear and tension.

Scene I

The intro starts off with the girl traveling to her new school by bus. When she alights the bus, she feels uneasy and hesitates to enter (social anxiety). Sensing something was watching her, she turns around to find nothing there.


Scene II

Arc shot from Paranorman

Paranorman also made use of the arc shot to reveal the ghosts that are invisible to everybody except for the main character. I thought that we could do the same and use it to reveal the ‘monster’ classmates.

Our arc shot

It was more suitable for the arc shot to be use in this way than to introduce our ‘monster’ classmates. This sequence of the rabbit staring in your direction while you walk pass it makes one queasy which is exactly that creepy/horror effect that we were looking for.

Sadly the arc shot does not fit my version of the story as I wanted a slow build up for an unsettling mood. I used the shot with the head cut off (scene II, shot 4) instead of the arc shot to raised questions as to what the girl had scene that she ran off scared. Then the fox is revealed and it answers the question to why the girl ran. They were ‘monsters’.

Scene II

The second scene takes place in the hallway of the school. It is where she avoids and runs from all social interactions.


Scene III

Scene III

The last scene is in the classroom. Before she enters the room she takes a deep breath preparing herself to face her fears. The ‘monsters’ stare at her when she enters and takes her seat. When she got the courage to face them, she sees the horrifying sight of them feasting on unusual food. Then she gets peer pressured into eating their food. I wanted to keep the ending unknown, we do not know whether she turned into one of them or everything was just in her head. It is up to the viewer’s interpretation.


It is because of this scene that I made the entire film black and white; only leaving the masks and food coloured for the creepy effect. Masking the elements made the meat more grotesque and disgusting.

Originally I also wanted to include collage sequences just like the ones from La Jatee because the use of collage sequence can show the intimate and developed relationship between the two people. It would be helpful to show the progress of friendship and familiarity between characters. But i scrapped the idea in the end because I wanted it to be mysterious.


Sound edits inspirations

I was looking for sounds that create suspense and intensity and remembered this video that I came across a while ago. It mentions the use of ticking in many of Hans Zimmer (Film score composer) and also his use of the shepherd tone in the recent film Dunkirk to create intensity. After going through some ‘suspense music’, I decided that the ticking fits best.

The anthropomorphism also reminded me of Rabbits by David Lynch, one of the many films my Polytechnic lecturer introduced to me. It is set like a sit com with applause and laughter but it was edited into something less comical and more frightening. Inspired by this, I wanted to create something using that awkward silences and the sounds that are unexplained to build a unsettling atmosphere.


The rejected is the one with the shepherd tone edit at the end.

Gaia’s Ikebana – Final

Top View
Front View
Back View


Shin is represented by the branch (dominant); reaching skywards.

Soe is represented by the blue paper strip (Sub-ordinate); man-made material. It brings the Shin and Tai together, literally men being between the heavens and the earth.

Tai is represented by the cone (sub-dominant); brown for the earth. Also the use of the ice cream cone relates to ice cream (because ice cream melt and I cannot use it for the ‘Ikebana’); is to refer to the cool weather during spring.

Also the park had an incredible playground that attracted a lot of children. So the use of ice cream and biscuits is for the juvenile impression.





Right View
Left View

The white cotton ball (sub-ordinate) has a soft appearance representing the Sakura flower buds during the Spring season. Because during my trip there the flowers were all barely opened and were mostly white and very few pink. 

The layered of pink and green piring wafer biscuit adds the colours of the park to the ‘Ikebana’. It also helps unify and bring harmony to the entire sculpture.

The overall arrangement was meant to emphasize on the line of the branch. Even if the elements are pointing in different directions, the blue strip helps direct your sight to the line of the branch by twirling around it.

Elements can be shifted more to the edge for viewing of all angles.