InClay Project

The InClay Project

My project was first inspired by the traditional Southeast Asian clay kendis. Through further research, I realised the material (clay) used to make these kendis contained many properties that enhanced and improved the quality of the water stored in them. Numerous scientific research papers had shown that drinking water from clay vessels provided many health benefits.

As a result, I devised a project with the aim of improving people’s health by reintroducing clay back to the modern Singapore.

There are two main branches in this project:

  1. Clay Workshop
    • A family event where people can make clay capsules together. These clay capsules can be dropped into pre-existing water flasks or containers – making them easy and convenient to use. The interesting shapes of the capsules also provides an element of fun to the clay.
  2. Website and Online Store
    • The website has 3 main purposes. The first is as an information bank to store all the research on clay, and an explanation of the project. The second is as a platform for people to find out about the workshop and register for it, and the third is a store where they can purchase clay products online.

(2D) Workshop Poster:

(3D) Clay Capsule Samples, Packaging & Mini Booklet:

One of the main factors I took into consideration when designing the packaging was to stay environmentally friendly. Ideally, there would be no packaging at all. However, there was the need for some means of protecting the clay capsules when they are taken home. An attractive packaging would also encourage people to give extra capsules away as gifts to friends/neighbours.


Eventually, I decided to create a packaging that would require no glue used. Corrugated cardboard would be the main material.

The labels & booklet were also printed on an environmentally friendly paper made from recycled pulp.

Inspiration from aquatic sea creatures:

Sea coral
Sea StarSea Urchin

Mini Booklet:

The mini booklet comes with the capsules and is placed inside the package. It gives directions about how to use the capsules, as well as the main health benefits from using the capsules. This allows people to easily give the additional packaged capsules away to friends who may not have attended the workshop.

(4D) Website & Online Store:

Visit the website here:

Three main components of the website:
  1. Explaining the benefits of clay
  2. Allowing people to sign up for the workshop
  3. Online store selling clayware for the Dragon Kilns


Logos and Objectives:

My project was initially inspired by the traditional South East Asian kendis which led to my creation of the kendi-inspired logo:


My research began from my investigations of the spiritual side of water. This soon led to me researching the kendi as it was a vessel prominent in South East Asia dedicated to solely water.

Discovery of the Benefits of Clay:

Later I realised clay was a highly beneficial material & there were numerous research papers and scientific evidence to prove that clay contained many unknown benefits that greatly benefited one’s health.

Alkaline machines were charging $100 for the same alkaline properties as clay: Further Research:

Potential collaborator:


I also researched the existing clay products which can be found in Singapore – eventually I realised there were very few and very limited options. 

Process Development:

Designing the logo & brand name. I eventually selected the name “InClay” as I wanted to spread awareness of the benefits within clay. In addition I wanted clay to become a popular or “in” thing, which is why I eventually decided on InClay:

Sketches for the poster. The final poster was created using a 9 column gridColour scheme was constant throughout the project in shades of grey, light blue and brown. Blue represented the water element and brown represented clay & nature: