The Sk8ter B0is

For assignment 2, we were tasked to come up with a set of still images and also the use of sound to shape the whole storyline. We will have to create a fiction story for the long lost friend whom we lost contact with. 


J and Nik were the best skating buddies. Never have they left each other’s sight since then. No one would have expect something bad will happen to them or others because people are always being taken for granted.


J later found out that he had to have one of his legs to be amputated due to diabetes. He did not want to disappoint his skating buddy as he could not skate with him anymore. He held the results on hand, given up on life walking across the road and got to an accident. After long recovery they met up and talk about their happy memories which really helps to pull J back up from where he had fallen.


The storyline is closely influenced by Forrest Gump, whereby the characters sat on a bench and talks about their past. I also took inspirations from the Oldboy’s flashback scene for my flashback scenes. To make the transition from the present to the past as smooth as possible. 


Present – Past – Present

In order to separate the present and the past, I desaturated slightly for all the flashbacks but still keeping the vibrance-ness as the flashbacks are more of a happy moments rather than sad moments. The flashbacks were happy moments the both of them spent together during the past.

To show how close the relationship between the both them, we had shots like them happily skating together, bro-fist, late night talks in the carpark with drinks and breaking the bro-code in the toilet.

The transition from the present to the past

I matched the similar shots from present to past to have a smoother transition between the two timelines.

I have decided to show the accident scene in the front to captivate the audiences’ attention. To make them think about what really happened before and after.


This is rather my first time touching on video editing software even though it’s just iMovie. At the start, I was struggling at finding the suitable music for the right settings. I was trying not to be so literal and direct. It really helped me to visualise deeper and knowing the importance of a good composition as well.

Last but not least the final piece, 

The Skater Boys

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