Kokopelli’s Sound Shaper – Research

Body Part Nose

Function; The two openings in the nose care called nostrils, or napes. They lead to two nasal cavities that are separated by the septum, a wall of cartilage.

  • Bone – The bone cane be carefully and minimally shaved down to lower the height of the nasal bridge.
  • Cartilage – The cartilage is the most altered part of the nose in rhinoplasties. To decrease the size of the nose in any specific area, cartilage can be strategically sutured without sacrificing the support structure. To increase the size of the nose or provide more structural support, grafts can be made from existing cartilage in the patient’s nasal septum, the ear, or rib cage.
  • Nostrils – The nostrils can be made smaller by making an incision right along the alar base and bringing the width inwards.
  • Skin – Thick nasal skin is reduced by thinning the fatty tissue underneath the skin.

Movements of a nose

Moving the nostrils up and down


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